Tuesday, June 28, 2011

here's to staring into the sun.

This is what I wore to our Youth Fellowship's 7th Anniversary celebration. :) I actually shouldn't have worn that, because I could have saved it for next week's occasion, our church's anniversary. Ohwell.
Powder blue cardigan - given by my mom
Loose white top - small store in UP
Floral skort - given by my mom
Gold necklace - Forever21
(Gold flats - ugh I forgot the brand)
It's a very cool outfit. Cool, meaning, you know, concerning the airy-ness and the colors. I would have worn my regular blue cardigan with it, but my mom offered to give me the powder blue cardigan, which I think brightens up the outfit more. :) Wheeee. Thanks Mom! <3

Friday, June 24, 2011

all the lights in the sky are stars.

I need some d r e s s e s. It's been a while since I've bought an actual dress. And for some reason, this school year, so many occasions are coming up when I need to wear something formal, like a formal blouse or a dress. And ugh, I am in dire need of a shopping trip right now, but the rain won't allow that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

when comes a disappointment, there is a blessing.

Belated Happy fathers day to all the dads out there! <3
Now, last Saturday, I woke up at 10am to get ready and prepare my things for my very first art class in the mall nearest to me, Trinoma. My class was at 1-4pm. But when I arrived there, there was no one. Apparently, my class was cancelled. So, Mom and I went to the department store and found out that there was a sale. On bags!

I was in desperate need of a brown and black bag.
I found a really cute brown bag in one of the sale baskets! So cute.

A  r e g u l a r   b r o w n   l e a t h e r   b a g   f r o m   S e c o s a n a. 

Original Price: 1,500pesos.
Sale Price: 750pesos.

From Secosana. <3
I saw the other bags from the same brand, and they're really good. :)

The inside. 

Love this bag. <3
I love this bag. Personally, I think that brown and black tote bags are staples in a girl's closet. I'm still in need of a black bag, though. HAHA.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

it's the same old story, but you never get it right.

Oh, it's been a long time since I've posted. Sorry. :( I've been busy ever since I got back from our trip to Palawan. But when we got back home, for some reason, I was inspired to take pictures of a few outfits I really like and think I can make out of my closet. 
For the next few images, please excuse my fatness. No need to excuse my face for it is no longer included. Ahaha. 

Outfit One.
Purple blouse - Topshop
Floral skort - given by my mom
Outfit One
L o o s e   p u r p l e   b l o u s e   a n d   a   f l o r a l   s k o r t. I was supposed to wear a necklace with this. Haha. I just realized now that I forgot it. If I wear this outfit to the beach, I'd wear it with my purple flip flops. If I wear it here, to school or church, I'd wear it with maybe my gold flats (I lack other colored flats, I'm sorry).

Outfit Two.
Dark green graphic tee - Hardboy (shirt I stole from my brother's closet)
Black and gold belt - Celine
Plain denim skinnies - Be-U
 Outfit Two.
This is actually a standard outfit to dress up any kind of regular T-shirt: a  g r a p h i c  t e e ,  t u c k e d   i n t o   a   p a i r   o f   g o o d   s k i n n i e s,  a n d   a  b e l t. It's pretty hard for me to pull this outfit off on a regular day, however, because my body type isn't exactly suited for it. Ohwell. Time to lose some weight to pull of such a simple outfit! <3 Haha.

Outfit Three.
White top - small store in UP
Pink blazer - The Black Shop (given by my mom)
Gold necklace - Forever21
Grey shorts - Landmark
Grey cloth belt - EssenXa
 Outfit Three. 
L o o s e   w h i t e   s l e e v e l e s s   t o p,  p a l e   p i n k   b l a z e r,  g o l d   n e c k l a c e,  g r e y   s h o r t s,  a n d   a   t h i n   g r e y   c l o t h   b e l t. I actually got the cloth belt from one of my grey blouses. I'd wear this with my black and white flats, because I don't have any grey or pink ones. Matches though. I love this outfit, actually. I just really hate how it's just too insanely hot in the Philippines to be able to wear the blazer and survive. I'd wear it to a cold theatre though. :)

Outfit Four.
White top - small store in UP
Gold necklace - Forever21
Floral Skort - given by my mom
Outfit Four.
Lo o s e   w h i t e   s l e e v e l e s s   t o p,  t u c k e d   i n  a   f l o r a l   s k o r t,  a n d   a   g o l d   n e c  k l a c e. I'd wear this with my gold flats. A very summery and tropical look, I'd always think. Because of all the light colors.  And I love how comfortable it is. :)

Outfit Five.
White top - small store in UP
Thin black blazer - K.Y. Fashion (given by my mom)
Floral skirt with elastic waistband - Forever21
Gold necklace - Forever21
Thin black belt - Landmark
Outfit Five.
L o o s e   w h i t e   s l e e v e l e s s   t o p,  t h i n  b l a c k  b l a z e r,  f l o r a l  s k i r t, g o l d  n e c k l a c e,  a n d   a   t h i n  b l a c k   b e l t. I'd wear this with my black and white flats. I noticed how much I favor the white top and the gold necklace. They're like staples in my wardrobe. And it's easy, so easy to pair the with just about anything. I actually wore this outfit to church last Sunday.

Outfit Six.
Silver white tube top - Works
Dark violet ruffle blouse - Zara! (given by my mom)
Black skinnies  - CompanyB
Silver necklace - HongKong (given by a friend)
Outfit Six. 
A  s i l v e r  w h i t e  t u b e  t o p,  d a r k  v i o l e t  r u f f l e  b l o u s e,  b l a c k  s k i n n i e s,  a n d  a  s i l v e r  n e c k l a c e.  I love this Zara top. My parents don't really encourage buying anything too branded or anything, or even anything super expensive if it's not needed. But it's kind of alright, because I get a whole lot of cute things from department stores that can even count as branded stuff. :) That's another tip! Buying from department stores isn't bad. At all. You get cheap yet really good stuff. Wootwoot!

This isn't really enough for the days of posting I've missed. Sorry again. :(
But I'll be posting again soon. :) 
See you laterrr! <3

Monday, June 6, 2011

maybe I can talk you down.

School is in around a week. On Wednesday, summer will be completely o-v-e-r. And ugh, I hate the feeling. I'll get over it. Eventually. One thing I know will prep me up for school, though, is shopping!! For a bag. :>
These b a c k p a c k s are love. The way the straps are thin, and the bag hangs loose. The way there are a lot of locks and buckles in the front. I really want a backpack like that. <3

Perfect school outfit. Especially because in my school, sleeveless tops and shorts are banned

Floral Rucksack from Asos.

Ecote canvas rucksack. 

Alviero Martini 1a Prima Classe two-pocket backpack.

Fudge Brownie bag.

L.A.M.B. Backpack.
Floral canvas backpack.

The last one would probably be my favorite. Ahihi. I remember seeing the style of these bags back in the Princess Diaries (Mia's bag. The part where Lily said in the limo, "this bag--you have one of these bags?!" hahaha yeah). I hope I can get a backpack like this soon. For college! <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011

you keep me coming back for more.

You  know something that I really wish I had? J e f f r e y   C a m p b e l l 's. I mean, it's not that I just discovered it now (because it has been in all fashion magazines, fashion sites, fashion blogs, fashion tumblrs ever since), it's just that, I finally discovered a new desire for it. I mean, not simply that kind exactly, but anything that looks like it. Because it's the style that I like.
Before, I always thought of it as something that was "just for grown-ups." Something that I didn't think I could imagine wearing or even having at this age.
But, after seeing how amazing it goes with outfits, ugh, I wish I could just grab one right out of the store. Right now. I can't get any now though. My parents forbid heels at this age (unless it's required for some kind of special formal occassion or whatever), which is why I always stick to flats and gladiators. Maybe when I actually get to college, and my parents finally agree to let me get a pair. Woot woot.

Friday, June 3, 2011

just keep me where the light is.

I wore the same outfit I wore to church around, I don't know, a month and a half ago?  Haha. Or just a month ago. Pattern over pattern! One of the only (if not the only) things I can actually pull off: b l a c k   g r a p h i c   t e e,  f l o r a l  s k i r t,  a n d   a  t h i c k   b l a c k   b e l t. 

Floral skirt that my friend, Yssa, gave to me, over a black graphic tee, and a big black belt. :)

I think the trick about this style, though, is watching out for proportions. If you don't get your proportions right, the outfit will go all wrong. But of course, that also depends on your body type. So studying your body type is a good technique to know how you should dress. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

this is the part where you find out who you are.

This style is very much like my friend, Kath's. I love how simple yet complex this style happens to be: L o o s e   t o p,  m i d - w a s h   d e n i m   s h o r t s,  a   p a i r   o f   s o c k s   t h a t   r e a c h   a b o v e   y o u r   a n k l e s,  a n d   o x f o r d s. The tricky thing here, I think, are the socks.
Because not many people can actually pull off an outfit with socks and oxfords. You may just end up looking slightly childish or trying too hard. There are some people, however, who can pull it off, so effortlessly. I admire them. 
This style is something to keep an eye out for. I wish I could pull of something like that. Maybe one day, when I don't feel like my legs are too fat. Haha. 
And remind me to get a pair of dark oxfords as well. I kind of realized how important it can be in a girl's wardrobe. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I wasn't able to document my outfit yesterday. :( Kind of sad, because it was much better than it was the other day and today. I feel like my fashion sense is plummeting slowly. :( I will and shall redeem myself in the next days to come!
This is the set I made yesterday. I missed making sets, really. And often times, I just get more jealous because I know that I don't have the clothes that are all over Polyvore.
Fashion addicts! If you love fashion, clothes, and beauty, go to polyvore.com where you can make a set of all the outfits you want to wear, have, etc. :)

Innocent. by cherrycoke. featuring a linen blazer