Saturday, April 21, 2012

stay love, where you running to?

HA! Here's the post that I promised. Haha. So today, after my art workshop, Mom and I stopped by the bazaar in the Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, to support a friend. And I was able to get a few cool things! And all of the items are made from recycled materials. ;;)

Thin gold bangles and big snakeskin bangle (set)
My first (decent) set of bangles! Got this set for only 100pesos! So happy when I found it, because it's a basic style and color--easy to pair things with.

Bracelet with bike charms 
These metal bike charms are made by my friend, Raya Amado. They were selling them at their stall and it's really cute. This bracelet is really cool and simple, but again, the brown and gold shades are really easy to pair things with, so it makes it a good staple to have. The bike charms add a cute flair to it and I love it.

Metal bike earrings
These are actually Mom's. Yeah, she bought them. Haha. But she said she can lend it to me any time, especially because it matches a lot of the bike things I got.

Metal bike ring w adjustable band
Yes, of course, a bike ring! The main focus of this picture though is the fact that it's adjustable. I love adjustable rings. I mean, it is so frustrating when you find a cool ring design, and the band doesn't fit you because it isn't adjustable. But this way, you can get the size and the design.

Metal bike ring
So here's the design. It's really cute. It would actually be cool too if it were a double-finger ring, like the gold cross one given to me by KittyKat. :)

So yeah. I love everything I got! I was able to help a friend and her mom, I was able to buy accessories, and they're made of recycled materials too, so YAY! :)

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