Tuesday, January 31, 2012

save me from myself, you can.

Sorry, it's been so long!
I hate school for keeping me busy kaljsdkfsdskjf

I went on (yet again) another shopping trip last week! And this time, I actually bought something!!

*I just want to clarify that I don't buy everything I try on in my shopping trips. All the clothes I feature I simply try on. In fact, chances are of me actually buying something will probably be 30% or so. Haha.

Creme and brown long-sleeve knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall ;; P1,175
I don't remember if that was the price, but it was around that number, I guess. 
YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW HOW IN LOVE I AM WITH THIS TOP. I swear. I was thiiiiis close to getting it. But I didn't bring the right "play" of money. I had enough, but for some reason, something just told me that something that expensive wasn't right to get at the moment. Although this was on my list (and I'm thinking of letting the rents get it for me instead bahaha). 
I love it so so so much. It is so soft, so comfortable, so chic, so everything. Ugh.

Loose grey long-sleeve top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This top was really comfortable too! And I barely have anything grey, so that's a piece to remember on my shopping list. Although the cut is horrible. For me, anyway. There are days when I really don't want to show my thighs because to me they're quite big, so I like my tops long and loose without looking drabby or weighed on me.

Me and my good friend, Karyn, in Forever21. We went on a Friday, `cause we had no school. And daym, it is the best. There was barely any people. (And when I say barely in Forever, I mean, there are still a number of people, but really really small compared to their regular amount of customers.) The dressing rooms were nearly empty so we decided to take our time and goof-off a little. Haha. 

Mint green tank with lace detail (back) @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This was a really cool tank. I liked it mostly for the back. Haha! Although I wasn't wearing a tank top under, so I'll just show you a small preview: 
Haha. Sorry for that. Anyway. 

Brown pleated-detail skirt @Forever21, SM Megamall
Not exactly detailed, but I really don't know how to explain it's style. It's cool. Kind of pleated in a way, but in a way where it effortlessly flows down, kind of like a curtain with it's curves and folds and pleats. I paired it with an olive green long-sleeve top that I featured in one of my past shopping trips. It looked really cool. It had this woodsy effect to it because of the green and the brown and the brown gladiators that I was wearing that day. Love it so much.

Purple graphic tank top @ Cache Cache, SM Megamall ;; P 799
Okay, I have to say that this was a little splurge/impulse-buy for me. I do regret it a little, especially because of the price. But at that moment, I just really wanted to get it. Also, a graphic tank was on my list. And the fit was perfect, it doesn't make me look obese, and I don't need to wear anything under which is perfect. Although the price hits me. Haha. I know, I'm sorry. But it is a good piece on it's own!

Aside from the tank from Cache, cache, I also got a white v-neck from Forever21. A little confession: it's from 21Men. Yeah, and I regret nothing.
I have absolutely no problem at all with wearing guys' clothes, especially when it doesn't even look like it's meant for a guy. I mean, a whole lot of girls wear loose white v-necks. It's just that mine happens to be from 21Men. Haha! But the fit is great, it's comfortable, it's perfect! Got it for 295, I think. Happy happy joy joy! Honestly, it's the first on my list and I've been looking for the perfect one for moooooonths now. Finally, I got it.

So yeah that's pretty much it. Just a quick shopping trip update to keep this blog alive. Haha.
Another post coming up soon so look out! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

who could deny these butterflies?

Yo yo yo!
So guess what. I only have three days of school this week! Yup, Monday is Chinese New Year, and on Friday, we have a parent-teacher conference at school, so HOORAY. Plus the weekends, 6 days of rest baby! Of course, I have been/will be productive. Hihi.
Anyway, after having finished my health presentation, I decided to take a break and do something I've been meaning to do for quite a while already. 
I was making a big deal about how I didn't know what to wear with those black wedges I got (previous post) recently. This afternoon, I got my handy tripod (yes, it is so much easier to take self-portraits and fashion pictures of myself now!!) and had a mini-photoshoot. And it was really fun! (Quite depressing too, at the same time, because I realized just how fat I have gotten these past months daym.)

So anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this photo-spam! Haha. 
Also, just a reminder, all these pictures are outfits featuring the black wedge booties I recently got from Payless.

Thin white blouse (originally my mom's)
Dark blue skinnies - Jag
Silver/black multi-chain necklace (gift from a friend)
Black leather studded bag (gift from a friend)
O n e. 
So this is the first outfit. It's actually one of the very first outfits I thought of to wear with the boots because it's chic, it's simple, and it's comfortable. It has that typical "street-style" sort of look that's quite effortless and edgy at the same time. I love it. The accessories especially, make it much edgier.

Pink blazer - New Channel
Loose white blouse - small store in UP
Dark blue skinnies - Jag
Gold necklace - Forever21
Gold bracelet (gift from a friend)
T w o. 
I spiced up a simple outfit with a pink blazer. The pink makes it pop, and the boots give the pink an edgier style. This can actually be used for slightly formal/business-like affairs because of the blazer. And wearing black wedge boots will make things, well, cooler.
My good friend Karyn gave me this gold bracelet for Christmas and I love it so much! I still have to fill up that heart-shaped locket with a picture though. Of whom? Hmm. Haha!


Black textured jacket - K.Y. Fashion
Old rose pleated dress - Details (Landmark)
Gold necklace - Forever21
Purple wooden bangle  (gift from a friend)
Pink and grey striped socks (gift from a friend)
T h r e e. 
This outfit is different basically because of the socks. I don't usually wear socks with shoes, I mean, except for my school shoes and rubber shoes, obviously. But I mean, with heels, never. And this is my first pair of boots, so, hello to experimenting! But I figured that I have a dress of the same color, so the socks fit the outfit perfectly. The socks/bangle were both given by Kath! Thank you, lovely. <3

I should really chop off the threads off that jacket. Haha!

This isn't the actual outfit, so I'm not counting it as one. Haha. But guys omg look at how cute my socks are!! 

These were given by my cousin for my birthday! From what I remember, it came from Forever21.

Red burnout top - Promod
Denim shorts - Next Jeans
Bronze car chain necklace (gift from a friend)
Purple wooden bangle (gift from a friend)
[Colorful striped ankle socks - Forever21]
Black leather studded bag (gift from a friend)
T h r e e. 
(lol I hope my friends see how grateful and appreciative I am of their gifts--I mean, I use them all the time! Haha)
Just a simple outfit--very casual, very fun, very free. Just a normal loose colored tee, denim shorts, a regular bag, a fun necklace, and boom. The boots. It helps, because it makes you focus on one part of the outfit--the boots. Woot!

This really cool car (yes, it's a Bug!) chain necklace was given by my good friend, Abby (well, her and her family haha). It's really cool. Although I have to get the screw fixed because someone (my little sister) played with it way too much, so. 


Black and white striped top - I don't remember where it's from!! :( sorry.
Denim shorts - Next Jeans
Gold car chain necklace (gift from a friend)
Purple wooden bangle (gift from a friend)
F o u r.
This is my second favorite outfit out of them all. I simply love the way it looks, I mean. It's nautical with a simple yet edgy twist. I love it so so so so so much! These are actually the kind of outfits I always see models wear in pictures as they're strutting down the streets of New York, or something. And it takes a lot to pull it off. So happy I can pull it off (for once--haha)!


Blue cardigan - Dihao (Landmark)
Floral tank top - Seventeen
Denim shorts - Next Jeans
Gold feather chain necklace - Landmark
Purple wooden bangle (gift from a friend)
F i v e. 
This one, I like to look at as the girly next-door neighbor type. I mean, your average next door neighbor look, with a little floral to make it girlier and boots to give it edge. It's a really good outfit to go shopping in because it's comfortable, and it'll be easy to fit on clothes too. And I am also very much obsessed with the color combo. I love the whole pink and blue and pink and grey and red and blue type of combo. <3


Loose white blouse - small store in UP
floral button-down (opened) - Tanjay (Gaisano mall in Davao, PH)
black striped tights - Forever21
Gold feather chain necklace - Landmark
S i x. 
THIS is my all-time favorite outfit in this entire outfit-spam. When I put it on, not only did it look amazayn, but it felt incredibly comfortable. Like, omg. First of all, the tights are probably the comfiest tights I have ever worn. I got them in Forever21 the same day I got the boots at Payless. They were about 360pesos or something like that. Maybe 365. But it's amazayn. Next, the white top I have really is comfy. I mean, I've had it for a while and I wear it a lot, so. But what really *made* the outfit was the floral button-down. I don't usually wear it open just like that, but I experimented, and it looked amazayn opened up! It overs my arms, it has the perfect length, and it adds detail to a plain blouse. It also looks quite effortless because it drapes over me in the same way the white blouse does. I loooooove it <3


Red burnout top - Promod
Floral skirt with elastic waistband - Forever21
Black striped tights - Forever21
Gold feather chain necklace - Landmark
Gold bracelet (gift from a friend)
S e v e n. 
I also really like this outfit. Mostly because it isn't all that hot. I mean, it's not too warm, despite the look the tights give off. Because the top is loose and cool, and so is the skirt. Adding the black tights and boots to the floral gives it an entire rocker-chic look.

My vanity session starts here, just to warn you. 

I swear, I loved the outfits so much and wanted to experiment! I'm not all that vain. :( huhuhuh. Also, my hair looked nice (for once) today! :\ hahahahaha. 

So that's the last of it! Bye guys! I hope you enjoyed that. <3 
Talk to ya'll soon. :)

taken on January 22, 2012. (My camera date is advanced haha, sorry about that.)
My room, my house.

all pictures were taken and edited by me (Cel Villanueva)
this is not a sponsored blog post.

Monday, January 16, 2012

mirror, lie to me.

Hey guys! Long time, no update, yeah?
So I went on yet another shopping trip with Kath! And I think we were quite successful!
First, we went to Payless in Galleria. There was this pair of black wedge ankle booties that we saw the last time we went there. I really wanted to get them but I had no money (and no permission either! haha).
But this time, I got it.
Black wedge ankle booties @ Payless, Galleria ;; P1,650

They're only slightly hard to walk in, because they don't have a front platform, just the three-inch heels (I think?). But I love them to pieces omg. I looooooooooove them. First pair of boots!! 

Purple tank top @ the Platform, Galleria
lol don't mind that white spot on the mirror
This was actually a really good fit, but it had this really awkward flower and chain thing on the side. You can't see it in the picture cause I covered it. :))

Old rose dress @ (Chill) Department Store, SM Megamall
Chill is one of my favorite brands!! And I found this dress with a white top and old rose skirt and it is amazayn. I loved it. Too bad I couldn't get it. I would have, actually.

Black and white graphic tank top with elastic bow waist @ Department Store, SM  Megamall
Kath tried on this skirt along with her white tank and tucked in her black vest. I looked so cool. Almost like a dress!

Loose brown knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
So this knit top was on one of the mannequins that were really well-dressed. Except for some reason, the sleeves on this one are much, much looser. Also, the cut isn't so good either. It's a little short, so it is necessary to wear a tank under the thickness of the material.
Dark grey v-neck top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
I love this top so much. It's very cool, and easy to pair things with. You can style a whole lot with it. And I don't have a top like this, so.
Loose long knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall ;; P1,125

This was the best piece out of all the six items!! I love it so much. The fit is amazayn and so is the cut. You don't exactly need to wear a tank under it because it's long enough, but not long enough to cover my shorts entirely! This one was the one I really considered getting, actually. But it was way to expensive, and I had already spent most of what I had on the boots.

White garter-waist dress @ Forever21

Old rose pleated velour trim dress @ Forever21, SM Megamall

Graphic design body con skirt @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This looked cool on the rack, but the fit was waaaay too tight, and I actually ended up having a butt while wearing it, which I am sooo not comfortable with. The graphic design was nice, though. If it were a mini-type, it would look much more amazayn. 

taken on January 13, 2012
Payless @ Robinson's Galleria
Forever21 @ SM Megamall

all pictures were taken and edited by me (Cel Villanueva)
this is not a sponsored blog post