Monday, May 30, 2011


my first post ever!

Fashion blog. 
That's something I've always wanted for myself, but never really had the guts to make. Because you have to risk a few things to be able to post what you want. But I got over that. Who cares, really.

I had review today, and I was really frustrated this morning because I didn't know what to wear. A delayed bunch of my clothes for laundry were thrown into the hamper a few days ago, so I still have to wait for them to dry and be ironed. That didn't leave me with many choices.

So I was left with a T - s h i r t   a n d   s k i n n i e s . I know, very very very laid back. Too laid back, in fact. Especially for me. But the thing about this shirt... is that it holds an entire school year of memories.
Together We Can: Corinthians SY `10-`11
Designed by: Noelle Cacayan and Celine Villanueva (me!)
Produced by: Karyn Maglalang
Yup. Behold. The Corinthians `10-`11 class shirt. I love it. I was the one who colored it. Noelle designed it. And Karyn was the one who organized everything to get the product done. Teamwork!

Hopefully, I'm in a better, sunshinier mood to pick out an awesome outfit tomorrow. 

Overall, however, based on Fashion ratings, I declare this day a Fashion Fail. (simply because I was lazy and didn't have any clothes left)

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