Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unusual pops of color.

One thing I am really trying to channel and master right now is the "pop of color" style and the unusual color match style. You know, making regular outfits a little bolder and more different with an unusual pop of color. And mixing different colors together, colors that you normally don't think would work well together, until you wear them in one outfit. It's those styles that you really need to carry well because if you don't rock it in the way you carry yourself, you're going to look a like a mess.

(all outfits from and

For this one, the pop of color would mainly be the red. In such a simple, white, neutral outfit, the red wedges really make things much bolder, but tie in with the floral shorts.

For this one, I love how light turquoise was mixed with coral or orange. Cause really you know, when you see them separately, you'd never think that they would go together. And I like how the neutral heels and bag just tie things together as well. 

This one is similar to the previous one, except the pants omg the pants. I absolutely love them. And it's cool how the pants have both colors, turquoise and coral, so it brings everything together. Casually chic. <3

For this one, again, the pants. THE PANTS. Ugh. Lovelovelove. Brings a brighter side to the black and dark part of the outfit. Very New York style. 

Here, it's the bold pink and the light turquoise that makes the outfit unique. It's also pretty amazing how you don't really need accessories to make the outfit complete. Yes, it will make things more interesting, but it looks fine just the way it is. I used to believe that each outfit needs at least one accessory because it brings the entire outfit together, may it be a simple chain necklace, or a ring, or hairpiece, something. I was wrong. Haha.

For this outfit, (my favorite fashion blogger, Frida, by the way!) the pop of color would be the bold tan bag. It really stands out because the entire outfit is more pastel and neutral. 

I absolutely love this outfit. I really like how the red is so bold, but it's not the bloody color of red. Even the shade of the color will really make a difference in an outfit. This is the perfect red that goes with grey and black. <3

Very tribal outfit with a fashion twist. Haha. This has a lot of color and pattern combinations that I love and it just works together. 

This would actually also be one of my favorite outfits. I absolutely love that blazer, and how it works sow ell with the outfit. Ahh so much love for this I cannot stress that enough.

It was this outfit where I saw for the first time this style being used. The skirt-in-a-skirt style. It's really unique and interesting. But for this one in particular, I love how she used a different pattern and color scheme to bring the two skirts together.

Another one of my favorite outfits! It's just so cute ahhh. Stylish, colorful street style right there. 

This'll be my last post, considering this and my last post are pretty long. I'll be back next week or even earlier if I don't get dumped on with plates. Haha. 


Shorts Craze.

As I promised, I will post this weekend! I have about two more coming up soon. woot woot.
Okay, so recently, I have been really obsessed with shorts. Whatever month it is in the Philippines, it is always summer because of the heat. Especially in UP, where there is usually no airconditioning in the classrooms, like in FA. So I barely wear jeans--it is way too hot for that.
But because I always wear shorts, it is so difficult because I don't have a lot of pairs. And recently, I have been wanting unique pairs--with all these patterns and designs to spice up my outfits.

(all photos taken from and

1. Aztec prints
MOTO Aztec hotpants from Topshop

Another thing I really love is aztec. I love the uniqueness of the prints and also how it's so fun to pair things with. These two shorts, in particular, though, are black and white aztec prints, so it's actually easier to pair as compared to the really colorful aztec prints.

2. Flag prints

MOTO Flag print denim hotpants from Topshop

MOTO stars and stripes hotpants from Topshop

Dark denim flag print hotpants from Topshop

Okay, so it's probably pretty clear by now that I absolutely love shorts from Topshop. Ahahaha. Just like the way I love skirts from Forever21, the most.
Anyway. Absolutely love flag prints! I also love how they're different types of prints on every pair, they don't all look the same, despite it being the same flag.

3. Half-prints

MOTO bleach crochet hotpants from Topshop

MOTO contrast stud hotpants from Topshop

Black high waist crochet short from Miss Selfridge

MOTO crochet hotpants from Topshop
Okay, so I made the name up myself, "Half-prints" basically because they are half-printed! Haha. I absolutely LOVE this style, I seriously wish I had shorts like these. The cool thing about this style is that you can actually do it yourself at home! Just get an interesting pattern and then sew it over half of the shorts. dsklfjksdljfsdf love love love

4. Peekin' Pockets

Pastel aztec pocket denim shorts from Own the Runway

American flag denim short from Own the Runway

Yes, I made up the name yet again. HAHA. But seriously. My biggest issue with these shorts is that whenever I find a pair where the pockets are seen, the length of the shorts are waaaaaay too short. And I never want to wear shorts that are way too short, you know. Luckily, these pairs are actually more decent than the ones I usually see. Because I really like this style.

5. Solid colors

Of course, solid colored shorts are a must because they're the easiest to pair things with. And it makes an outfit more unique as compared to regular denim shorts. These are the colors I really like the most. I have a bold blue one, but that's the only solid-colored paired one I have.

6. Denim

Denim shorts from

Basic denim shorts from Pull & Bear

Soul cal deluxe ripped hotpants

The second pair, I love the most because it's clean and simple. It's the most appropriate looking denim shorts because it has a clean cut, simple design. Love it. And the first and last are distressed, what I love. huhuhuhu

7. Belted/Paperbag shorts

Petite green suedette shorts from Miss Selfridge

PU trim suedette shorts from Miss Selfridge

Multicolored flower print paperbag waistband shorts from Topshop

I absolutely love this style. This is actually the most "formal" style of shorts. Because you know, usually you don't wear shorts to a formal event, because they're known for more casual days. But pair these with a nice blouse, and fancy jewelry and you're good to go.

8. Other prints (stripes, floral, etc.)

MOTO blush stripe hotpants from Topshop

MOTO grey stripe hotpants from Topshop

MOTO striped hotpants

Blue grey rose turn up shorts from Miss Selfridge

From the bottoms of our hearts shorts from Modcloth
Heart hotpants from Topshop

Faded floral hotpant from Miss Selfridge

And of course, other unique prints! I love the striped ones the most, probably. So clean-cut. Definitely my favorite brand for shorts would be Topshop and Miss Selfridge!

hope you all enjoyed! And I wonder if you're wanting all of these as much as I do. Haha. <3