Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'll come back when you call me.

I miss being able to dress up. Towering over everything and everyone in sky-high heels; filling the room with a strong, vanilla-scented me; flopping around in fancy skirts and dresses, the fabric soft, different every day; feeling young, gracing the streets in color and shade.

I miss dressing up.

I guess being in college now doesn't permit that. As much freedom there is to dress in whatever way you want, truthfully there really isn't that much freedom. I actually explained this before, the many factors that hold me back from dressing the way I want to.

So yeah. I just really miss it.

Also, I knooooooow I haven't posted anything at all in so long omfg. I'm really sorry. Things have been absolutely insane, I swear. But this weekend, I promise to post as much as I can!
There are actually a whole bunch of ideas I have up ahead. :) So keep posted!


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