Saturday, July 30, 2011

see, we got a right to just love it or leave it.


These are very old styles. I mean, whenever I think of styles like these, they aren't exactly like the modern ones like we have today, with the ripped denim shorts, Jeffrey Campbells, and short floral elastic-band skirts. There's a hit of modern, but basically they're v i n t a g e.

The whole sock-with-the-heels style, oxfords, long-sleeved satin dresses, knee-length skirts, button-all-the-way-up tops. It's nice, though, to be able to sport this kind of style once in a while. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

let you know that you're always lovely.

Found this picture on TUMBLR. (via

This is going to be longer post, to make up for my lack of posts. (Classes have been suspended for two days, so, I welcome some free time!)

Outfit 1 - 
L o o s e  d r a p e  t o p,  r i p p e d  d e n i m  s h o r t s,  b e i g e  b a g,  p o w d e r  b l u e  J e f f r e y  C a m p b e l l s. 
I love this outfit, mainly because of the contrast between the loose of the top and the tight of the shorts. And the shoes just add a cooler touch to the outfit. Also, the colors may be strange together on a regular basis, but in the fashion world, and in this outfit, it just works perfectly.

Outfit 2 - 
L i g h t   r e d / p i n k  p a t t e r n e d  c a s u a l  d r e s s,  t h i n  b l a c k  b e l t,  b l a c k  h a t,  f l o r a l  h e e l s. 
This outfit reminds me of that typical cute walk-in-the-park sort of thing. Maybe because of the dress, and the floral heels and even the big hat. I don't know if those are Campbells, maybe they are. But either way, floral heels are really good things to have in your closet, because they go with a whole lot of things. I really really want this kind of outfit. <3

Outfit 3 - 
L o o s e  w h i t e  s u n   d r e s s,  l o n g  n e c k l a c e,  b l a c k   J e f f r e y  C a m p b e l l s. 
This might just be the simplest but the cutest outfit. Haha. I guess it's because the dress is so simple but sometimes simplicity makes things even better, you know. Also, it's a pretty conservative outfit; there's nothing really racy or revealing about it. And the contrast of the white and the black makes it even better. And of course, this outfit couldn't look as good without the necklace. Such a simple yet essential accessory in an outfit. I'd wear this outfit on a regular basis, because you can wear it almost anywhere: to the mall, in school, in church!

Outfit 4 - 
D a r k  b l u e  f l o r a l  r o m p e r,  l o n g  n e c k l a c e,  b r o w n  a n d  w h i t e  b a g  s h o u l d e r  b a g ,  b r o w n   w e d g e s,  b l a c k  s u n g l a s s e s.
Cute summer outfit! Rompers are great things to wear. Simple, cheap, and very fashionable. Actually, these don't even need to always be worn only in the summer. Most of the time, people just add a jacket or a cardigan, or even a pair of leggings or tights to it.

Outfit 5 - 
W h i t e  l o n g - s l e e v e d,  c r o s s - b a c k  d r e s s,  b r o w n  p r i n t e d  J e f f r e y  C a m p b e l l s. 
This is a really cute outfit for a formal event. The dress is sophisticated, and the added gold earrings give it an extra touch. The heels give it a more casual look, too.

Outfit 6 - 
D a r k  o r a n g e  p a t t e r e n e d  m a x i  d r e s s,  b l a c k  f r i n g e  b a g,  b l a c k  o x f o r d s. 
Pretty skeptical about this one. Mainly because... I don't wear maxi dresses. And I don't think I'll ever be able to. HAHA. Maxi dresses will either make you look taller, or shorter. It depends on how well it fits you, really. I've also never really been a fan of maxi things, not skirts nor dresses.

Outfit 7 - 
L i g h t  p i n k  l o n g - s l e e v e d  s h i r t,  l i g h t  b l u e  d e n i m  s h o r t s,  b r o w n   p r i n t e d  J e f f r e y  C a m p b e l l s,  g r e y  b a g,  s u n g l a s s e s.
Great casual outfit! You can wear this to a lot of places too. And it's really comfortable as well. The cut of the shirt is also great because you can wear short shorts without having to worry about them not being seen (and you looking like you're not wearing any bottoms. HAHA. I've had that problem before and people are very... yeah, about it.).

Outfit 8 - 
D e e p  m a r o o n  c r o p  t o p,  l e o p a r d - p r i n t  s h o r t s,  b l a c k  p l a t f o r m  s h o e s,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  b a g. 
Not so keen on this outfit. Technically because those shorts, aren't well, that "appropriate" in my world. My parents will never let me wear something like that out, and my friends will be all...yeah, about it. HAHA. And I'm not really a fan of it anyway, so not a problem. I love the top though. Deep red/maroon color, and comfortable.

Outfit 9 - 
L o o s e  b e i g e  d r a p e  t o p,  l i g h t  p i n k  s h o r t s,  m u l t i - c o l o r e d  J e f f r e y  C a m p b e l l s,  b e i g e  f r i n g e  b a g. 
I love how this outfit is just, so cool. I mean like, the actual clothes are so plain and simple and color-less, but the shoes add sudden bursts of color. And the outfit looks really comfortable, especially the top. I really love loose tops. You arms can breathe. 

Outfit 10 -
L o o s e  w h i t e  c a u s a l  d r e s s,  b l a c k  h a t,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  b a g , b l a c k  l e a t h e r  b o o t s.
This outfit looks simply effortless. And I love that kind of look, as if you've just thrown on random pieces of clothes, and they somehow just magically go together so perfectly. Comfortable, casual chic outfit. Also pretty conservative, and you can wear it almost anywhere. It's also pretty cool how the dress gives it a girly side, and the boots give it a more rugged and boyish touch, so huzzah for this outfit.

So this should make up for a couple of days that I won't be able to post because of the upcoming UPCAT (college entrance test). Crazy. Things are getting really crazy and pressuring and busy, so I'm still trying to work that out. :)

But yeah.
See you all soon!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

firecracker to the moon, keep your eyes shut.

This is a really cute style. Like, really really cute. L o o s e  l o n g  s l e e v e d  s h i r t ,  d e n i m  j u m p e r ,  d o t t e d   t i g h ts , b l a c k   r o c k e r   w e d g e s , a n d  a  h a t. 
I really wish I could wear this entire outfit. Ughhh. I wish I could wear tights in this heat.

I just realized how much my style has to depend on the heat. I mean, like, I can't wear what I want not because I'm afraid to be different, but because it's just so intensely hot. Ugh. So, people who have 4seasons, good for you. You can wear various things depending on the weather. Whereas the Philippines, it's pretty much usually hot all year round. I'm not dissing my own country. Just stating a fact. Haha.

Good thing is I can wear shorts! ;) Heehee.

Monday, July 18, 2011

we're rolling past graffiti walls.

I swear, I love this kind of style. There are a number of concepts I can see in this outfit, actually.

There's the first: r o c k e r - c h i c . 
So you can see the contrast the dress gives to the boots. And accessorizing with a dark jacket/blazer and a pair of black tights makes the outfit even more complex, but in a good way, of course. 

The second is: t h a t  o n e  c o l o r  t h a t  s t a n d s  o u t . 
I re-watched seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl, and I noticed how Blair and her posse of colorful girls love to wear bright splashes of color against a plain background. Most of the time, with their plain uniform, they wear a bright, bold colored coat, or a pair of stockings, and heels. I always imagine myself looking (and feeling) like a clown or an overrated rainbow figure with so many bold colors. But man, they totally pull it off in every single episode. I'll admit that it's a little easier for them to dress up that much in the States, though. In the Philippines, it's kind of hard, with all the heat and weirdness of it all. Haha.

The third: u l t i m a t e  s t r e e t  s t y l e .
Normally, people go out on the streets wearing simply normal jeans or shorts and a shirt or a blouse, and comfortable shoes. This is taking street style to a different level, and it's amazing. Imagine walking down the streets like that, I'd feel like a superstar. Haha.


Friday, July 15, 2011

take a backseat, `cause now I'm driving.

G r a p h i c   t e e   t u c k e d   i n t o   a   p a i r   o f   d e n i m   s h o r t s . 

Looks so effortless, really. I mean, if I were thin enough to be able to pull of such a simple outfit like that, I would. But I can't. I just love how on a regular day, you can just do something like this. I mean, imagine waking up late and not finding the time to put together a perfectly above-decent outfit. You can just throw on something like this so effortlessly and you'll look completely fashionable. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fearless in the day, show the world that shining face.

I really wish I could make this kind of style work. Here. In the Philippines. A few posts back, I tried on a pink blazer that I can't wear outside, in all this heat. But man, it looks so amazing. And works so well. To be able to wear a blazer. This outfit is love: R e d   b l a z e r ,  w h i t e   t o p ,  d e n i m   s h o r t s ,  b l a c k   b a g ,  a n d   c a s u a l   h e e l s . 

Even the heels, I can't pull off. I'm not allowed to wear heels on a casual day. I can only wear them during formal events. Which is why I don't own any casual pair of heels.
Oh, fashion, how difficult you are to attain sometimes. Haha.