Monday, July 18, 2011

we're rolling past graffiti walls.

I swear, I love this kind of style. There are a number of concepts I can see in this outfit, actually.

There's the first: r o c k e r - c h i c . 
So you can see the contrast the dress gives to the boots. And accessorizing with a dark jacket/blazer and a pair of black tights makes the outfit even more complex, but in a good way, of course. 

The second is: t h a t  o n e  c o l o r  t h a t  s t a n d s  o u t . 
I re-watched seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl, and I noticed how Blair and her posse of colorful girls love to wear bright splashes of color against a plain background. Most of the time, with their plain uniform, they wear a bright, bold colored coat, or a pair of stockings, and heels. I always imagine myself looking (and feeling) like a clown or an overrated rainbow figure with so many bold colors. But man, they totally pull it off in every single episode. I'll admit that it's a little easier for them to dress up that much in the States, though. In the Philippines, it's kind of hard, with all the heat and weirdness of it all. Haha.

The third: u l t i m a t e  s t r e e t  s t y l e .
Normally, people go out on the streets wearing simply normal jeans or shorts and a shirt or a blouse, and comfortable shoes. This is taking street style to a different level, and it's amazing. Imagine walking down the streets like that, I'd feel like a superstar. Haha.


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