Friday, December 30, 2011

get up and go far.

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I seriously want those shoes. I'd die to have those shoes. (lols not really) I've wanted this pair for so long!! Black booties! Honestly, they don't matter to me if the have a stick heel or if they're wedges, as long as they're the black lace-up kinds. So beautiful. 
I saw a pair at Payless when I went with one of my best friends, Kath, (mentioned in the previous post!) to go shopping before Christmas. I tried them on and they were amazayn (and looked amazayn too)! But they looked like the first picture. But again, really, I don't mind if it's the pair above or the one below. I'd really like to get one with my Christmas green though! It would be a big help to my wardrobe because I don't have any booties or any black heels for that matter. (I do have black heels, but they're dancing shoes, so the heel is short.)

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I wanna set the world on fire until it's bright for You.

Today is going to be so amazayn! All the celebrations, family, friends, food, gifts, lights, pictures, laughs, games, and all in celebration of Someone's special day! Happy birthday, Jesus! Forever and ever <3

Gold glitter from Bobbie

C h r i s t m a s  n a i l s! I was able to purchase before Christmas, when I went shopping alone in Trinoma. I bought this along with my purple pair (which I don't think has been featured on here yet! Whoops! Will do soon :D). I really like this color. Perfect for the holidays. I mean, most people will do the traditional red and green, or red, or white and red, or something. This one is kind of still traditional-looking, but with a twist, I guess. Bright gold-bronze type of color, which is very festive, and the glitter gives it a better look for the holiday season. I love it so much. The brand is Bobbie, although I don't know the number/shade (the bottle's kind of hard to read--haha!). 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

i'll be the one to build you up.

I'm finally on Christmas break!! And it's almost Christmas, everybody! I guess I can say that I'm feeling a little Christmas vibes--finally. Hopefully things get better.
Although! I did go shopping yesterday! I went with my friend Kath, to Ortigas yesterday and we bought exactly what we needed--jeans! And she was able to get a cardigan herself. :>

LOVE SoMEone Crop Tee from Topshop
Found this top from Topshop, just wanted to try it out for fun. The fit was actually pretty okay, just that it was a little fitting on the arms. And I didn't really like the length of it, seems a bit short, and probably also because I'm comparing it to the crop top I have, which is longer on the sides.

Grey Sleeveless Cross design top from Topshop
This was actually the first thing I found when I entered Topshop, so I tried it on, and it was perfect. No joke. I really wanted to get it. But I promised my mom I wouldn't buy any more tops. Apparently, "I have too many" already. kdlfjsdhf

We were able to walk to SM Megamall too! And of course, our first top there--Forever21! Can you believe it's only the 2nd time I've been there? I mean, I shop online all the time, but because it's so far, I don't get to go to the store all the time. :\

Loose black v-neck top from Forever21
I love this top to pieces. This was actually part of my shopping needs list, because I really need a plain top to wear when I don't want to be all dressy, because it's still kind of dressy in it's own way. (Exactly why I need a white v-neck top too)

I love how loose the sleeves are and the material doesn't stick to your skin, especially because it's black and it's hot here, so. 

Loose olive green long-sleeve top from Forever21
Omg this is another thing I really wanted. This was also in my shopping needs list, and in the perfect color too! So amazayn. I didn't expect to find one exactly like how I envisioned it.

It's really comfortable and loose as well! And it's long-sleeved, so it won't stick to my skin in the midst of the Philippine heat either!
 I love how it's so easy to style it and change it up. You can even wear it off-shoulder style!
Feather designed v-neck 
This was the last thing I was able to try on, just for fun. The fit was great though, really comfortable, and I also wanted to get it if I could. 

Our ultimate goal was to find jeans, which we couldn't find at all in Forever21. Their sizes were all in 24s and 25s, and the best I could fit into is a 26, so I'm sorry if I can't be thin enough just to shop for jeans in Forever, okay, I'm sorry. :|

Skinny jeans from Jag (SM Department Store)
I found the perfect pair of j e a n s. I'm not kidding. They're amazayn. I honestly didn't think I'd be successful in finding it! I tried on two other pairs after, and none of them fit well, so I was convinced that this pair was the one!

They're comfortable, and soft, actually. They're really tight and really skinny (lol) but not in the way that I want to rip them off. They hug tight on the lower part of my legs, which is good because I've always wanted to find a pair that did that. 

They also make my legs look thinner, especially in this angle, compared to my other pairs of jeans. It's been so long since I've needed a pair of skinnies, and I finally found them--Praise God!
They're exactly 1,099pesos too! I think that's a pretty good price, considering I'll be using this pair a lot. I just have to make sure I don't gain any loads of weight (which will be hard during the Christmas break but whatever) so I can still fit perfectly into the jeans. Because they don't have allowance, actually. They just fit. So fit, so I shouldn't gain, but lose. Haha! 

So yeah, that's pretty much all I got, but that's fine, because it's a staple I needed! When Christmas comes, I'll blog about the things I got. :) 

Happy holidays everybody!! <3 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i'll never know what's up ahead.

from Tumblr
from Tumblr
M a x i  s k i r t s. I wish I could be able to rock maxi skirts. Thing is, they always seem overly fashionable. I mean like for a regular teenager like me to wear a skirt like that, I don't know. Also I have this strange fear that I'm going to look even shorter when wearing a maxi skirt with flats. Also, it's great for the beach! And I'm going to the beach this Christmas!! Boo.

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I'm still hoping for my own f l a g  d e s i g n  s h i r t ! I want one so bad. I can never find a really good one, or any at all in Trinoma. Huhuhu.

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I've actually been wishing for a pair of w h i t e  C o n v e r s e, for some reason. I think it's because it makes things look nicer than wearing black Converse when trying to make outfits more casual. White gives it a dressier look while black gives it a more rugged look.

Going shopping with Kath today! Main things to get: white v-neck, jeans, skirt, and tights. <3

Saturday, December 10, 2011

can't accept that we're estranged.

taken by me (12.4.11)

Happy Holidays everybody!!
Well, it will be happy once school's done. I'm swamped with requirements because exams are next week and our play rehearsals have been quite demanding lately. 

This is my official Christmas outfit! R e d  b u r n o u t  s h i r t  f r o m  P r o m o d over a f l o r a l  s k i r t  f r o m  F o r e v e r 2 1, and some b l a c k  s eq u i n  f l a t s (not in the picture; but I did post it in one of my pictures) from some unknown brand haha. 
I was actually going to wear this with a pair of dotted tights, but they ripped. Don't you just hate that? Ugh. I need to go tights shopping. Other things I really need? Jeans. I desperately need a pair of jeans, okay. I only have one that I use regularly. HAHA. So sad. I also need more shirts, loose ones, preferably. And heels. Because there are more birthdays and formal events coming up, so I'm going to need more pairs of heels aside from the bronze pair I use all the time (it's a good thing they go with almost anything though). I really want to get a pair of  b l a c k  a n k l e  b o o t s or  b l a c k   p u m p s. And another basic, like maybe n u d e   p u m p s. Either that or a unique pair, like  l e o p a r d   p r i n t   b o o t i e s or something. :) 

More Christmas/holiday stuff coming up! And guaranteed much more after exams. :)