Friday, December 30, 2011

get up and go far.

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I seriously want those shoes. I'd die to have those shoes. (lols not really) I've wanted this pair for so long!! Black booties! Honestly, they don't matter to me if the have a stick heel or if they're wedges, as long as they're the black lace-up kinds. So beautiful. 
I saw a pair at Payless when I went with one of my best friends, Kath, (mentioned in the previous post!) to go shopping before Christmas. I tried them on and they were amazayn (and looked amazayn too)! But they looked like the first picture. But again, really, I don't mind if it's the pair above or the one below. I'd really like to get one with my Christmas green though! It would be a big help to my wardrobe because I don't have any booties or any black heels for that matter. (I do have black heels, but they're dancing shoes, so the heel is short.)

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