Saturday, December 10, 2011

can't accept that we're estranged.

taken by me (12.4.11)

Happy Holidays everybody!!
Well, it will be happy once school's done. I'm swamped with requirements because exams are next week and our play rehearsals have been quite demanding lately. 

This is my official Christmas outfit! R e d  b u r n o u t  s h i r t  f r o m  P r o m o d over a f l o r a l  s k i r t  f r o m  F o r e v e r 2 1, and some b l a c k  s eq u i n  f l a t s (not in the picture; but I did post it in one of my pictures) from some unknown brand haha. 
I was actually going to wear this with a pair of dotted tights, but they ripped. Don't you just hate that? Ugh. I need to go tights shopping. Other things I really need? Jeans. I desperately need a pair of jeans, okay. I only have one that I use regularly. HAHA. So sad. I also need more shirts, loose ones, preferably. And heels. Because there are more birthdays and formal events coming up, so I'm going to need more pairs of heels aside from the bronze pair I use all the time (it's a good thing they go with almost anything though). I really want to get a pair of  b l a c k  a n k l e  b o o t s or  b l a c k   p u m p s. And another basic, like maybe n u d e   p u m p s. Either that or a unique pair, like  l e o p a r d   p r i n t   b o o t i e s or something. :) 

More Christmas/holiday stuff coming up! And guaranteed much more after exams. :) 

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