Thursday, December 22, 2011

i'll be the one to build you up.

I'm finally on Christmas break!! And it's almost Christmas, everybody! I guess I can say that I'm feeling a little Christmas vibes--finally. Hopefully things get better.
Although! I did go shopping yesterday! I went with my friend Kath, to Ortigas yesterday and we bought exactly what we needed--jeans! And she was able to get a cardigan herself. :>

LOVE SoMEone Crop Tee from Topshop
Found this top from Topshop, just wanted to try it out for fun. The fit was actually pretty okay, just that it was a little fitting on the arms. And I didn't really like the length of it, seems a bit short, and probably also because I'm comparing it to the crop top I have, which is longer on the sides.

Grey Sleeveless Cross design top from Topshop
This was actually the first thing I found when I entered Topshop, so I tried it on, and it was perfect. No joke. I really wanted to get it. But I promised my mom I wouldn't buy any more tops. Apparently, "I have too many" already. kdlfjsdhf

We were able to walk to SM Megamall too! And of course, our first top there--Forever21! Can you believe it's only the 2nd time I've been there? I mean, I shop online all the time, but because it's so far, I don't get to go to the store all the time. :\

Loose black v-neck top from Forever21
I love this top to pieces. This was actually part of my shopping needs list, because I really need a plain top to wear when I don't want to be all dressy, because it's still kind of dressy in it's own way. (Exactly why I need a white v-neck top too)

I love how loose the sleeves are and the material doesn't stick to your skin, especially because it's black and it's hot here, so. 

Loose olive green long-sleeve top from Forever21
Omg this is another thing I really wanted. This was also in my shopping needs list, and in the perfect color too! So amazayn. I didn't expect to find one exactly like how I envisioned it.

It's really comfortable and loose as well! And it's long-sleeved, so it won't stick to my skin in the midst of the Philippine heat either!
 I love how it's so easy to style it and change it up. You can even wear it off-shoulder style!
Feather designed v-neck 
This was the last thing I was able to try on, just for fun. The fit was great though, really comfortable, and I also wanted to get it if I could. 

Our ultimate goal was to find jeans, which we couldn't find at all in Forever21. Their sizes were all in 24s and 25s, and the best I could fit into is a 26, so I'm sorry if I can't be thin enough just to shop for jeans in Forever, okay, I'm sorry. :|

Skinny jeans from Jag (SM Department Store)
I found the perfect pair of j e a n s. I'm not kidding. They're amazayn. I honestly didn't think I'd be successful in finding it! I tried on two other pairs after, and none of them fit well, so I was convinced that this pair was the one!

They're comfortable, and soft, actually. They're really tight and really skinny (lol) but not in the way that I want to rip them off. They hug tight on the lower part of my legs, which is good because I've always wanted to find a pair that did that. 

They also make my legs look thinner, especially in this angle, compared to my other pairs of jeans. It's been so long since I've needed a pair of skinnies, and I finally found them--Praise God!
They're exactly 1,099pesos too! I think that's a pretty good price, considering I'll be using this pair a lot. I just have to make sure I don't gain any loads of weight (which will be hard during the Christmas break but whatever) so I can still fit perfectly into the jeans. Because they don't have allowance, actually. They just fit. So fit, so I shouldn't gain, but lose. Haha! 

So yeah, that's pretty much all I got, but that's fine, because it's a staple I needed! When Christmas comes, I'll blog about the things I got. :) 

Happy holidays everybody!! <3 

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