Tuesday, January 3, 2012

float down, like autumn leaves.

lol, I haven't blogged since last year! Haha.

Everyone's holidays were good? :)

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THESE are the boots I want. Like the wedge ones in my previous post. Ohmygoodness, I can't stop looking at them. They're perfect! The dark midnight black color, and the gold holes and laces that grace the shoes. Man. What I'd do to get a pair. 

from Tumblr ;; original source: chic-and-elegant ;; via chocolat-rouge
ow And can I just share with you all how much I adore this outfit. It's go so much of everything. Grunge. Rock. Casual. Street. Chic. Formal. Effortless. Loose. Cool. Baggy. Punk. 
I wish I could dress like that, own clothes like that, and look good like that. skdfjsdkhfodhsgsjkgsdf h8lyf.

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Also, I was pondering on how I should seriously own more denim. Like actual good-branded, good quality denim that I can really use all the time. Not just one pair of denim shorts, or one pair of skinnies. It makes it easier to make outfits because there'll be more choices (yeah, it's easier). 
from Tumblr ;; original source: delight ;; via 8th-fashion-avenue
Look at this pair of skinnies. I've always wanted to own leather skinnies, or at least black skinnies, or really any pair of skinnies lol that have a lot of zippers. You know, ones for the pockets, ones down near the ankles, it just looks so cool. Adds more detail to a simple pair of skinnies. :)

That's all for now. Another random fashion post. Hihihi

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