Tuesday, January 31, 2012

save me from myself, you can.

Sorry, it's been so long!
I hate school for keeping me busy kaljsdkfsdskjf

I went on (yet again) another shopping trip last week! And this time, I actually bought something!!

*I just want to clarify that I don't buy everything I try on in my shopping trips. All the clothes I feature I simply try on. In fact, chances are of me actually buying something will probably be 30% or so. Haha.

Creme and brown long-sleeve knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall ;; P1,175
I don't remember if that was the price, but it was around that number, I guess. 
YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW HOW IN LOVE I AM WITH THIS TOP. I swear. I was thiiiiis close to getting it. But I didn't bring the right "play" of money. I had enough, but for some reason, something just told me that something that expensive wasn't right to get at the moment. Although this was on my list (and I'm thinking of letting the rents get it for me instead bahaha). 
I love it so so so much. It is so soft, so comfortable, so chic, so everything. Ugh.

Loose grey long-sleeve top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This top was really comfortable too! And I barely have anything grey, so that's a piece to remember on my shopping list. Although the cut is horrible. For me, anyway. There are days when I really don't want to show my thighs because to me they're quite big, so I like my tops long and loose without looking drabby or weighed on me.

Me and my good friend, Karyn, in Forever21. We went on a Friday, `cause we had no school. And daym, it is the best. There was barely any people. (And when I say barely in Forever, I mean, there are still a number of people, but really really small compared to their regular amount of customers.) The dressing rooms were nearly empty so we decided to take our time and goof-off a little. Haha. 

Mint green tank with lace detail (back) @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This was a really cool tank. I liked it mostly for the back. Haha! Although I wasn't wearing a tank top under, so I'll just show you a small preview: 
Haha. Sorry for that. Anyway. 

Brown pleated-detail skirt @Forever21, SM Megamall
Not exactly detailed, but I really don't know how to explain it's style. It's cool. Kind of pleated in a way, but in a way where it effortlessly flows down, kind of like a curtain with it's curves and folds and pleats. I paired it with an olive green long-sleeve top that I featured in one of my past shopping trips. It looked really cool. It had this woodsy effect to it because of the green and the brown and the brown gladiators that I was wearing that day. Love it so much.

Purple graphic tank top @ Cache Cache, SM Megamall ;; P 799
Okay, I have to say that this was a little splurge/impulse-buy for me. I do regret it a little, especially because of the price. But at that moment, I just really wanted to get it. Also, a graphic tank was on my list. And the fit was perfect, it doesn't make me look obese, and I don't need to wear anything under which is perfect. Although the price hits me. Haha. I know, I'm sorry. But it is a good piece on it's own!

Aside from the tank from Cache, cache, I also got a white v-neck from Forever21. A little confession: it's from 21Men. Yeah, and I regret nothing.
I have absolutely no problem at all with wearing guys' clothes, especially when it doesn't even look like it's meant for a guy. I mean, a whole lot of girls wear loose white v-necks. It's just that mine happens to be from 21Men. Haha! But the fit is great, it's comfortable, it's perfect! Got it for 295, I think. Happy happy joy joy! Honestly, it's the first on my list and I've been looking for the perfect one for moooooonths now. Finally, I got it.

So yeah that's pretty much it. Just a quick shopping trip update to keep this blog alive. Haha.
Another post coming up soon so look out! :)

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