Monday, January 16, 2012

mirror, lie to me.

Hey guys! Long time, no update, yeah?
So I went on yet another shopping trip with Kath! And I think we were quite successful!
First, we went to Payless in Galleria. There was this pair of black wedge ankle booties that we saw the last time we went there. I really wanted to get them but I had no money (and no permission either! haha).
But this time, I got it.
Black wedge ankle booties @ Payless, Galleria ;; P1,650

They're only slightly hard to walk in, because they don't have a front platform, just the three-inch heels (I think?). But I love them to pieces omg. I looooooooooove them. First pair of boots!! 

Purple tank top @ the Platform, Galleria
lol don't mind that white spot on the mirror
This was actually a really good fit, but it had this really awkward flower and chain thing on the side. You can't see it in the picture cause I covered it. :))

Old rose dress @ (Chill) Department Store, SM Megamall
Chill is one of my favorite brands!! And I found this dress with a white top and old rose skirt and it is amazayn. I loved it. Too bad I couldn't get it. I would have, actually.

Black and white graphic tank top with elastic bow waist @ Department Store, SM  Megamall
Kath tried on this skirt along with her white tank and tucked in her black vest. I looked so cool. Almost like a dress!

Loose brown knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
So this knit top was on one of the mannequins that were really well-dressed. Except for some reason, the sleeves on this one are much, much looser. Also, the cut isn't so good either. It's a little short, so it is necessary to wear a tank under the thickness of the material.
Dark grey v-neck top @ Forever21, SM Megamall
I love this top so much. It's very cool, and easy to pair things with. You can style a whole lot with it. And I don't have a top like this, so.
Loose long knit top @ Forever21, SM Megamall ;; P1,125

This was the best piece out of all the six items!! I love it so much. The fit is amazayn and so is the cut. You don't exactly need to wear a tank under it because it's long enough, but not long enough to cover my shorts entirely! This one was the one I really considered getting, actually. But it was way to expensive, and I had already spent most of what I had on the boots.

White garter-waist dress @ Forever21

Old rose pleated velour trim dress @ Forever21, SM Megamall

Graphic design body con skirt @ Forever21, SM Megamall
This looked cool on the rack, but the fit was waaaay too tight, and I actually ended up having a butt while wearing it, which I am sooo not comfortable with. The graphic design was nice, though. If it were a mini-type, it would look much more amazayn. 

taken on January 13, 2012
Payless @ Robinson's Galleria
Forever21 @ SM Megamall

all pictures were taken and edited by me (Cel Villanueva)
this is not a sponsored blog post

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