Saturday, February 18, 2012

just try, just try a little harder.

I know I haven't posted in a while. These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. Like, I'm actually surprised I haven't gotten sick yet. (I'm about too, though.)

I was never able to blog about my most recent shopping trip, so here goes.
Dark military green button skirt @ Cache Cache, Robinsons Galleria
I absolutely loved the fit of this skirt. Although the hook was destroyed, so I couldn't wear it properly, but nevertheless, it was a good one. The length was nice too. It reminds me of the navy blue skirt I have from Forever21, except this one is a softer kind of material. 

Brown speckled skirt with dark brown ribboned belt @ Cache Cache, Robinsons Gallery
This skirt was a little harder to put on because there's no opening. I mean like, there's no button or zipper, just the top, so it's a little hard. But it makes an outfit look so classy. I mean, I was actually just wearing a class T-shirt with it and it made it look so much better! Haha. 

I didn't get them, obviously. I mean, my shopping trips never really mean I buy anything lol
Another post coming early this week! 

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