Thursday, March 1, 2012

been waiting for the stars to fall.

hair done by Kristel Tan
So we had a shooting one day, and they had to curl my hair. When I got home, I started playing with it and twirling it while I was working. And it turned out like this. It looked really cute actually. HAHA. Also, I'm planning on buying myself a curling/flat iron soon because I really want to be able to style my hair more often. And you know, not have to use accessories. 

Dress with patterned sleeveless top and black bodycon bottom - Chill
Black wedge ankle boots - Payless
I was kind of bored one afternoon and just wanted to do some kind of random outfit thingy. So I took my boots (which I haven't been able to wear out yet because an event hasn't come up--but don't worry, one will come up haha) and got a dress that I haven't been really able to wear out either. The only time I was able to wear it out was with a white crop top over it. But on its own, I haven't been able to wear it yet. It's a really nice dress that can be used casually and formally. The boots gives it a more casual style, though. 

Strapless light peach dress - Landmark
Black wedge ankle boots - Payless
I went kind of in a different direction with this one. This dress, I actually wore to my high school night (aka our school's "prom"/fellowship session) in my Junior year. It's a really cool formal dress, and I love the style cause it's the ballerina sort of style with the bubble of the skirt. And of course, you don't normally wear this with boots. You wear a formal dress like this with platform heels. So yeah, just wanted to play around with this outfit. And it doesn't look half bad!

Sorry if this post is a little boring/sabog. HAHA. These past few weeks have been so hectic, no kidding. Graduation is coming up in a few weeks (I CRY) and everyone's catching up with final requirements and exams and grades, so yeah.
Another post real soon, as soon as I get all the dresses I need for the upcoming events (Photoshoot for Grad invites, photoshoot for official Grad portraits, High School Night 2012, and Graduation). Yup, need so many things for the next weeks! I also need a purity ring, which will be given to us by our parents on High School Night. 
Whoo! Let's do this.

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