Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fearless in the day, show the world that shining face.

I really wish I could make this kind of style work. Here. In the Philippines. A few posts back, I tried on a pink blazer that I can't wear outside, in all this heat. But man, it looks so amazing. And works so well. To be able to wear a blazer. This outfit is love: R e d   b l a z e r ,  w h i t e   t o p ,  d e n i m   s h o r t s ,  b l a c k   b a g ,  a n d   c a s u a l   h e e l s . 

Even the heels, I can't pull off. I'm not allowed to wear heels on a casual day. I can only wear them during formal events. Which is why I don't own any casual pair of heels.
Oh, fashion, how difficult you are to attain sometimes. Haha.

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