Thursday, July 21, 2011

firecracker to the moon, keep your eyes shut.

This is a really cute style. Like, really really cute. L o o s e  l o n g  s l e e v e d  s h i r t ,  d e n i m  j u m p e r ,  d o t t e d   t i g h ts , b l a c k   r o c k e r   w e d g e s , a n d  a  h a t. 
I really wish I could wear this entire outfit. Ughhh. I wish I could wear tights in this heat.

I just realized how much my style has to depend on the heat. I mean, like, I can't wear what I want not because I'm afraid to be different, but because it's just so intensely hot. Ugh. So, people who have 4seasons, good for you. You can wear various things depending on the weather. Whereas the Philippines, it's pretty much usually hot all year round. I'm not dissing my own country. Just stating a fact. Haha.

Good thing is I can wear shorts! ;) Heehee.