Sunday, June 19, 2011

when comes a disappointment, there is a blessing.

Belated Happy fathers day to all the dads out there! <3
Now, last Saturday, I woke up at 10am to get ready and prepare my things for my very first art class in the mall nearest to me, Trinoma. My class was at 1-4pm. But when I arrived there, there was no one. Apparently, my class was cancelled. So, Mom and I went to the department store and found out that there was a sale. On bags!

I was in desperate need of a brown and black bag.
I found a really cute brown bag in one of the sale baskets! So cute.

A  r e g u l a r   b r o w n   l e a t h e r   b a g   f r o m   S e c o s a n a. 

Original Price: 1,500pesos.
Sale Price: 750pesos.

From Secosana. <3
I saw the other bags from the same brand, and they're really good. :)

The inside. 

Love this bag. <3
I love this bag. Personally, I think that brown and black tote bags are staples in a girl's closet. I'm still in need of a black bag, though. HAHA.

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