Saturday, June 4, 2011

you keep me coming back for more.

You  know something that I really wish I had? J e f f r e y   C a m p b e l l 's. I mean, it's not that I just discovered it now (because it has been in all fashion magazines, fashion sites, fashion blogs, fashion tumblrs ever since), it's just that, I finally discovered a new desire for it. I mean, not simply that kind exactly, but anything that looks like it. Because it's the style that I like.
Before, I always thought of it as something that was "just for grown-ups." Something that I didn't think I could imagine wearing or even having at this age.
But, after seeing how amazing it goes with outfits, ugh, I wish I could just grab one right out of the store. Right now. I can't get any now though. My parents forbid heels at this age (unless it's required for some kind of special formal occassion or whatever), which is why I always stick to flats and gladiators. Maybe when I actually get to college, and my parents finally agree to let me get a pair. Woot woot.


  1. I WANT JEFFREY CAMPBELLS TOOOOO! love those shoes so much

  2. HAHA. They're so awesome, right? :) <3