Thursday, May 10, 2012

now I know the chase is on.

Hey guys! I know I haven't posted in a while... :)) Summer vibes. Been doing so many other things lately! Haha. So. About two weeks ago, my cousin gave me a graduation gift! And I love it so much.

Peacock feather earrings.
This was the first pair of feather earrings in my graduation gift. These are my favorite, currently. I love the dynamic look it gives to a simple outfit. And I love the colors too.

Lime green feather earrings with silver dangling ornaments
This one is a little more "out-there" than the rest of the feather earrings I own. The color is very light and dynamic, and it really stands out. Maybe I'm not so keen on the shade of green that it is, as well as thelength. So I'm thinking of chopping it off a little bit. A little on the length, and just a little on the sides just so it works more to my liking. 

Dark brown with red spots feather earrings
This is my second favorite. I love how big it is this time because it really isn't that noticeable, compared to the green pair. I also like how unique it looks, with the red spots and all. Lovelovelove.


Yup, so this one is a liquid and stick eyeliner in one. I absolutely love this. I finally have decent eyeliner. It also helps that the stick eyeliner isn't actually a pencil, because the pencil hurts quite a bit. Haha! I use this almost everyday (the stick one) and I loooove it. <3

So thank you, ate Cielo for the gifts! :) 

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