Friday, April 27, 2012

goodbye, my almost lover.

Warning: this is a really long post. :)) 
So I've still been having shopping cravings. And there are still a number of things I wish I could get. Hihihi In my dreams. haha! 
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Long Sleeve Tri Marl tee (Topshop)
1. O l i v e  G r e e n  l o n g - s l e e v e s. I don't know why I want olive green in particular, really. The color just speaks to me. It'll work too if it were a knit sweater. I saw one in Forever21 once, and I loooooved it so much.

Agent Ninetynine Oversized black tee (General Pants)
2. L o o s e  b l a c k  t o p. I have never actually owned any black top. I have black shirts, but they have school guild logos on them and other graphic designs. None of them are loose and cool like this one. Especially in the midst of the deadly heat right now in the Philippines, a loose tee is a must, despite the black color. 

Crop tops
(L-R:) Tall Sky Scraper tee (Topshop) ;; Sass and Bide Freedom Fighter tee (Superette) ;; Leather flower crop top (Topshop)
3. C r o p  t o p s. I actually only have one. I am so sad. HAHA. At least the one I have is a basic, white with dark stripes, so it can go with almost anything. Anyway, there are really unique crop tops with cool designs. I love them all ugh. <3

Loose light tees
(L-R, 1st row:) Angel Wings Toupe Song Bird tee ;; Jophiel Olive Oversized tee
(L-R, 2nd row:) Truly Madly Deeply Leopard cross top ;; Jagger Godiva jumper (All Saints)
4. L o o s e  l i g h t  t e e s. These are classics, for me. Basics, in fact. Because there will always come lazy days. And lazy days are when you are way too lazy to really dress up, let alone think about what to wear. So I'm happy that despite the casualness of these tees, they are still fashionable. Just add a few simple accessories and everything still looks classic. Plus you've got the comfort as a bonus.

Grey Jamie jeans (Topshop)
5. G r e y  s k i n n i e s. This is actually a different type of grey. It isn't the regular one-shaded grey that you always see. There's a gradient from light to dark, a wash. And even the slightest bit of detail and difference in the style makes things much better. I find this more unique than the regular grey jeans. I need to hunt down something like this ugh.

Rose floral skinnies (Topshop)
6. F l o r a l  s k i n n i e s. Okay, so I tried on this exact pair at a Topshop sale around two years ago or something. Unfortunately, there was only one pair left and it was in a really small size. It didn't fit my two other friends. It fit me, but it was SKIN-TIGHT omg. Haha. But it was so so so so cute. :(( 

Soul Cal Boyfriend Rip and Repair boyfriend jeans
7. B o y f r i e n d  j e a n s. I have been wanting boyfriend jeans for soooo long. Because they're much cooler and much more comfortable than skinny jeans. They give a really nice cool beachy look and it's really  comfy too because it's loose. 

Black skirts.
(L-R:) Petite Panel Bodycon Mini (Topshop) ;; H&M skirt (H&M)
8. B l a c k  s k i r t s. Particularly a pleated one and a bodycon one. I just realized how important black skirts are because they go with absolutely anything, no doubt. I do have a black skirt with lace ruffles but it's way too short to be worn without tights or leggings. Huhuhu

Joey Cut-off Disco Fever denim short (Metroparkusa)
9. G r e y  s h o r t s. Sometimes it gets a little boring when you have to wear regular blue denim short all the time, so grey ones give the outfit a different touch. 

(L-R:) Knitted Gold Button cardigan (Topshop) ;; Knitted Aran cardigan (Topshop)
10. C a r d i g a n s. Believe it or not, I own none of the basics. I do not own creme or nude, and I don't own black. I don own blue, however. And that's a plus, right? Haha. I've been trying to look for the perfect cardigan at Forever21, but I can't seem to find one with the right detailing, the right fit (because I actually want my cardigans to be a little loose), and the right color.

(L-R:) White core ox Converse (Debenhams) ;; Vans Auth Pro black or white (General Pants)
11. S n e a k e r s . For casual purposes. And walking days. Especially now that I am entering college, and a college that will require a whole bunch of walking, and sometimes flats aren't stable or comfortable enough. That's why sneakers were made for walking! Yez. Also, these two pairs in particular help complete the skater look that I wish to achieve.

H-Troser Oxfords (Steve Madden)
12. Of course this would come up. O x f o r d s! There was a time when there was this hype going on and it as the "in" thing again. Well, I just want them because I realize just how necessary they really are. They add a different style, instead of the regular ballet flats or gladiator sandals.

Oroton Essential flat (Oroton)
13. N u d e  f l a t s. If you nude pumps are a must, then what more nude flats, which are more comfortable and more for a daily basis. And this pair is really cute. Hihihi. I also love the fact that it's suede. <3

Breckelle's Boston91 mid-calf boots (Cutesy Girl)
14. I do have ankle b o o t s, also with flaps on top, and also black, so this is sort of the same thing as the whole nude pumps-nude flats necessity. This will be useful on rainy days, which are present a lot in the Philippines, so yay!

(L-R, 1st row:) Berry Suede Ruched clutch bag (Topshop) ;; Betsey Johnson  Bows and Whistles flap clutch (Zappos)
(L-R, 2nd row:) Black Patent piped black clutch bag (Dorothy Perkins) ;; Marley Bamboo Lock Wallet (Reiss)
15. C l u t c h e s. AAAAHHH. A must for formals and nights out, you know? I do have one black one with a silver and leather strap but can be hidden to make it look like a clutch. These are some of my favorite clutches, though, because they are classic and the colors are very easy to match. I like the pink one, although it may not be the easiest to pair things with, it adds a whole pop of color to a simple outfit. I know the last one, the one from Reiss is a wallet, but there are days when all you need is your money, but you wanna have something chic to hold it, so you know. And the colors and design is adorable. <3

(L-R:) Asos Canvas stripe rucksack (Asos) ;; Asos floral rucksack (Asos)
16. B a c k p a c k s! I absolutely love these backpacks. You know those backpacks you used to bring for school? Those Jansport ones and stuff? I am so tired of them, really. They were fine when I was a kid, but now you know, I need something different, something more chic. Boom. These backpacks are actually all around. You can even get them at department stores. My only pet peeve would probably be that it's difficult to open and close because of all the straps. Nevertheless, they are the cutest things evar.

(L-R:) Lilac crochet beret (Forever21) ;; Plaited knit beanie (Forever21)
17. I love b e r e t s. They don't give you hat hair! Such a beautiful thing! =)) No, seriously. They don't give me hat hair, anyway, because they sort of just rest on your head, but don't fall off (unless you move a lot anyway).

Basic dresses. LBDs and LCDs.
(L-R, 1st row:) Black pleat detail chiffon dress (Desire Clothing) ;; I Just Wanna Dance dress (Modcloth) ;; First Date dress in Noir (Modcloth)
(L-R, 2nd row:) Cake from Scratch dress (Modcloth) ;; Coincidence and Chance revel dress (Urban Outfitters) ;; Nude party dress (Lipsy) 
18. B a s i c  d r e s s e s -- L B D s (Little Black Dress) a n d  L C D s (Little Cream Dress). So the LBD is more known as a basic in someone's closet because anything goes with black. You can wear bold colors or pastels, it really depends on what you want to have your outfit look like. Cream is actually something people overlook. It is actually a really important color in your closet because you can also pair anything with it! Now, it can go from cream to nude. Nude is actually a more basic color, so it's good to have that too.

Unique dresses.
(L-R, 1st row:) In a Beige dress (Modcloth) ;; Rehearsal Dinner dress (Modcloth)
(L-R, 2nd row:) Scoop Back dress by Annie Greenabelle (Topshop) ;; Mellow Delias prom dress (Delias)
19. U n i q u e  d r e s s e s. So you can have the basic dresses, but you can't keep wearing that every time there's a special occassion, you need at least one or maybe two unique dresses that can stand alone, because of their special designs. <3

So yeah. Those are basically the things I wish I had right now. Haha. It would make my closet almost complete! But over the years, I'll make sure to get some of these things. :) 

Guys you don't know how long it took me to make this post. Almost three days--all the editing, finding the brands, and describing. HAHA. But it keeps me busy during these lazy summer times. 

Posting again in a few days! <3 

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