Monday, April 9, 2012

in memory of what we used to call in love.

HAHA. Sorry about the pictures, these were the only ones I have where I look good in the dress. :))
This was during grad, when the Achiever's Circle Awardees were being announced (Yes, praise God!!!!!). My dress was from Xara. It's a creme lace/crochet style, with 3/4 sleeves, and the dress-length at the knee. It has a satin slip inside so you don't need to wear any other extra tops or shorts.
It's a really cute dress, something you can accessorize in so many different ways. I like especially that it's cream, because it can go with almost anything, and it's a classic yet still an up-to-date design. I added a lighter colored thin belt to it so it would have shape because it looks too square and plain without it.
My shoes are from Gibi, they're a satin cream color, with a floral design made of plain cloth. A lot of people liked the shoes, surprisingly. HAHA.

Finally, the last days.
There are brand new challenges this summer. But my friends, batch2012, will always be there. I know!

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