Saturday, April 21, 2012

I just gravitate on you.

So this is a random fashion/shopping post. Just a few random things that I tried on over the past few weeks. Enjoy the randomness! Haha. But it's fashion-filled anyway. 

Patterned mini-skirt from Topshop

 Friends! <3 Went on a short shopping trip with them during our grad rehearsal week. :)

Patterned leggings. Woo. 
 Shopping trip with Kath. Our guy friends who were with us this time picked out those insane outfits. We look like we were taken back thirty years. Or more. HAHA.

I really liked this shirt. Too bad I couldn't get it huhuh
Light peach pleated dress from Forever21, SM Megamall
Fortunately, I got this dress! I believe it is a very important staple, because of the simple style and the easy-to-pair-with color. You can match almost any color with this, and it is so easy to make a whole bunch of different outfits by accessorizing this dress. So amazing.

Loose grey long-sleeve from Forever21, SM Megamall

British flag knit crop top from Forever21, SM Megamall

Loose light brown tee from Forever21, SM Megamall
Almost got this dress. Story is, I got light-wash distressed denim shorts and a pale lavender one-sleeve dress (which I will feature later on) during this shopping trip. I thought it had already reached my budget. When really, the lavender dress was on sale--half the price. So, I had a chance to get this top. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to go back to it because I was rushing to catch a movie that day with friends. :( Oh well, I can get something close to this elsewhere. :)

blue floral dress from Just G, SM Megamall
I AM IN LOVE WITH THE DRESS. No kidding. I love it so so so much. The floral print is absolutely amazing. And I love how the cotton upper top makes the dress feel and look more casual and more comfortable as well. My only pet peeve: IT'S TOO SHORT. :( It actually doesn't look super short in the picture, but it is WAAY short. Like, just a little bend and hello! Not good. :( But still, the dress is amazing. <3

White tie-waist vest from People Are People, SM Megamall
I'd love to have this vest for summer. It is so summery! Haha. I love how comfortable it is, and how cool it is, and how I can wear it with almost anything. :)

Purple glitter nail polish from Caronia, Rose nail polish from Sassy, both from Watson's, SM Megamall
That's pretty much it. HAHA. The next post will not be this disorganized and random, I swear. Sorry! About the random posts and not being able to keep this blog alive more often. </3 Summer has actually been busy! But the good kind. :)
Will post again later tonight, promise!

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