Tuesday, June 5, 2012

If I change the world for you, I bet you wouldn't have a clue.

Hey guys. I just got back from my Singapore trip! And yes, I haven't posted in a while because I've been saving everything for this post. I knew I'd be buying some stuff, and I actually got more than I thought I would/could! Haha.

T h i s  w a s  t h e  f i r s t  t h i n g  I  g o t  i n  S G. We were in Bugis Street one night. We weren't there to shop initially, but we stopped by this small souvenir shop, and we always get something for everyone back at home. We always get shirts and magnets and all those little trinkets. Of course, I got my shirt. The problem was everything looked the same. And it wasn't just in Singapore; those souvenir shirts always look the same, wherever you go. So my ultimate goal was to get something that looked at least a little different. Luckily, I saw this. It was about $10 (note: 1 Singaporean dollar = around 34 Philippine pesos), unlike the set that my mom chose from which was 3 shirts for $10, but mine had a better design, so. Haha. T h e  S t a r b u c k s  t y p e. So yay. <3

We were walking through the city, and we passed by Raffles City mall, and wow. Wow wow wow wow. I've known P u l l & B e a r for a while, but I never really paid much attention to it because of all the focus on Forever21 and Topshop and stuff. And wow. I have a brand new love for Pull&Bear. I walked into that store alone and literally wanted to grab everything. The style was absolutely amazing; it was a unique style--very f a s h i o n  f o r w a r d ,  v e r y  h i p s t e r ,  v e r y  b o h e m i a n. I love their style so much.

I can't wait `till Pull&Bear comes here to the Philippines, I believe that will be in November or something like that. <3 So excited. One of my new favorite brands, definitely. 

This is another brand that I fell in love with. Now this brand, I've never really heard of before.  This is the first time I'm actually hearing it, B e r s h k a. And it is an amazing brand. In a lot of ways, their style is very similar to Pull&Bear. All the pieces are absolutely amazing. I swear. They all scream stylish and comfort. Another store I wanted to rob, seriously hahaha. They also have a cool bohemian style, which I absaolutely love, especially during the summer.

This is the tank I tried on, and one of the pieces I really liked. It was a k n i t  l a c e  t a n k  t o p  w i t h  a  z i p p e r  o n   t h e   f r o n t. There were a whole bunch of other amazing pieces as well, like light wash denim jackets, knit lace dresses and shirts, loose tank tops, aztec-print skirts, a lot of basics, acid wash jeans, cardigans...

Here's what it looks like. (Forgive me for my horribleness in this picture.) It was a really good fit, and I looked really really really bohemian with my own floral skirt and dream catcher necklace HAHAHA. I seriously didn't plan that to happen, but it did anyway lol.

Whilst in Singapore, we were with my cousin, Ate Issa, who (begged) to come with us because her parents couldn't go with her. Haha. So we spent the entire trip with her, and it was fun. Since she was with us, she introduced us to her Auntie and cousin who lived there. And after lunch, they brought us to the huuuuuuuuuuge H & M  store, the first H&M store I have ever been to (they don't have one in the Philippines yet). 

I swear, it was huuuuuge inside. Omg.

(Excuse the horribleness of my legs here as well.) This was one of the things I tried on in H&M. I haven't had a p a i r  o f  r e g u l a r  b l u e  j e a n s in...years, seriously. I have the dark pair that I always wear, so I really wanted to get a lighter pair this time. And when I saw this it was perfect. It was $20 (on sale)!! That's actually pretty cheap for H&M in Singapore. Haha. Unfortunately, my mother kept on bashing me about how it looked and that it was for "skinny legs" and all that bull. I lost all my shopping energy after that, so I didn't take pictures of anything else that I tried on because I was really depressed lol. 

A       Y    W   A   Y

Ate Issa's aunt, Auntie Agnes gave me this H & M  m a g a z i n e, which cheered my spirits up a little bit. It holds a whole lot of secrets in fashion, and basically the reality of the fashion world. I love it.

U n i q l o was going to open up soon. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be in SG anymore to see it. 

That same day, I forced myself to get into a shopping mood because this was the only day we were going to have free for ultimate shopping. My frustration had simmered down by this time, and we went to M a n g o. I found this really cute t a n k  w i t h  a  w o l f  o n  i t  w i t h  a  w a t e r c o l o r  d e s i g n . It was so adorable. 

Here's a closer look on the tank. If you can see, there's actually some sort of cheetah print all over it. Haha. I really love it. It was a little more expensive, because it was from Mango after all, at $29. But this is my first Mango piece, so yay! We don't buy from Mango back in the Philippines because personally I think a whole bunch of things are overpriced. Haha. 

This is another thing I tried on in Mango. It's a l o o s e  t e e, which is a little short. It's not a crop top, it's jut really shorter in length. It had a nice w a t e r c o l o r  f l o w e r  d e s i g n on it which was cute, and it was cheaper, at $20. But I thought the wolf one looked more unique, so I got that instead.

That night, my Mom and I went to Bugis street for some lower-priced stuff. Haha. Not that it was cheap, I mean, everything there was absolutely quality! Just not the mall atmosphere and the high-end feel. 
What I hated was that y o u   c a n ' t  t r y  o n  a n y t h i n g. Yup. 80% of the things being sold were clothes, and you aren't allowed to try on anything. I don't understand why. How do people expect to earn if people who want to buy clothes can't even try them on? So strange.

Fortunately, this emerged from all the frustration and chaos. I'm really happy this was gifted to me because I have been wanting a B r i t i s h - f l a g  t o p for sooooo long. It has been on my shopping list and wasting away there for way too long. Haha. And I like the style of this top because it isn't a regular blouse. It has this l o o s e,  w i n g  s t y l e in the sleeves area, which makes it really comfortable. I love it so much, it's unique and stylish and augh. Love. And, it was only $10!

Now this was a really random buy. Haha. We stopped by a small souvenir shop along one of the streets near our hotel, and I spotted these really cute p a t t e r n e d  s o c k s. Now I know it's really random, but I have actually been wanting to purchase patterned socks for so long. I never owned any, honestly. I only have one pair that ate Issa gave to me as a gift from Forever21.
But these were only $1.50 each and they had cute designs. I actually only wanted to get one, but when I asked my mom which to get, she insisted on just getting both. 

We were in Suntec mall the next day, and they were having a whooooole bunch of sales. We were just really chill that day because it was our last day in Singapore. We noticed that H a n g  T e n was having a sale. And we took the opportunity to look through their stuff. I found these two cute tees, which had a promo of $7.50, minimum of two pieces. I was happy because they both fit perfectly, and I finally got myself a c i t y  d e s i g n  t e e and a b l a c k  g o o d - f i t t i n g  t o p. 
This was an amaaaaaaaaaazing bargain, I swear guys, you won't even BELIEVE the actual prices on these simple shirts. I don't even know how to say it. Omg.

A closer look on the two Hang Ten tees I got. I love them so much. Hooray for casuality!

So yeah, that's pretty much everything. Also, can I just say that people in Singapore actually have amazing style. Like, I heard people saying that they don't because of the heat, that they can't wear what they waant because of the heat. It's like that in the Philippine too. There are times when it's hard to be fashionable and where the things you want to because of the heat, which forces you to wear different, lighter things. What people don't understand sometimes is that there are a whole lot of things you can wear in the heat and look good! I mean, hello, it's summer! Summer is one of the greatest times to be fashionable with florals, bright colors, shorts, sheer tops, graphic tanks, crop tops, sunglasses, gladiator sandals...

I am loving the fashion world more and more.

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