Friday, June 22, 2012

there were stars, they burned my eyes.

Hey guys! So I know I haven't posted anything since college started. Things have been absolutely crazy. Emotionally and physically draining. Haha, but it is quite an experience! I'm in the midst of plate-making right now (I need to finish 12 plates plus a stupid wire sculpture this weekend ugh) but I'm taking a break to blog because I haven't in way too long.


C o l l e g e.

In most colleges, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want. In other colleges, they have uniforms. And in others, there are certain dress codes, like no sleeveless tops or shorts with a certain length. In UP, where I study, there is no dress code at all. You can where whatever you want at all. 
The thing is, it is more difficult than it seems. Especially being a fashion-lover, honestly. The perception is that because we are given the freedom to wear whatever we want, we can have an easier time dressing up and choosing our outfits every single day.

But there are actually more factors to it than you realize. In UP in particular, we always have to think of the h e a t. It is always incredibly hot, so we can't always wear pants, or long-sleeves. Then we have to think about w a l k i n g  o r  c o m m u t i n g from one college to another or from the campus back home. We need to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. We also need to think about s a f e t y. UP isn't exactly the safest campus around because of its openness to the public. So, we can't always wear shorts or certain tops and stuff.

It's really hard! So just because we can wear whatever we want, at the same time, we can't. 

I'm saying this because lately, I have been having so much trouble picking out my outfits every single day. Honestly, it is so taxing! On time and creativity. Seriously. I always thought it would be so easy, but noooo, it's more difficult than others think, honestly. Especially if you always want to look fashionable, but have to compromise because of everything else.

So I have decided that every weekend, I am going to plan out my outfits for the week. Haha. That way I don't have to panic every morning (and end up being late because I can't pick out a decent outfit), and so there is assurance that I will look fashionable (image is sort of that important to me okay sorry).

So I am going to post a few college outfits that I really like/probably going to wear sometime.

1. Outfit 1. This screams absolute c o m f o r t to me. Comfort and I don't give a. Haha. Simply because it's just a loose tee, some grey skinnies, and comfortable glads. Love it so much. Perfect for college, actually.

 2. Outfit 2. This one is actually a little more daring than the others because it's a s k i r t . It's really hard to wear a skirt in college, especially UP, because it's hard to walk and commute from one college to another, and also, it's dangerous, if you know what I mean. Haha. But on the days when I don't need to commute, it's safe to wear. Also because it's paired with a simple tee, which makes it more casual.

 3. Outfit 3. What I love about this one is that it's really simple. like, everything's black, and then the floral scarf adds detail and depth and more fashion into it. 

 4. Outfit 4. This one is more warm than the others because it's layered and there's a scarf. But I can tweak this outfit by wearing a simple loose top, and maybe dark denim shorts so I can still wear a scarf. If not, I can always use same colored jewelry or a bag.

5. Outfit 5. This one is really b o h o - c h i c to me. I can actually style my hair the same way, and bring along a pair of sunglasses too. Haha!

6. Outfit 6. This one is actually quite different than the other outfits. More v i n t a g e in a way because of the color scheme and the socks with the oxfords. But it's cool. Makes a statement.

7. Outfit 7. This is also very boho chic. I love the headband along with the glasses, because it makes it stand out more. And it's quite comfortable too, because of the shorts, boots, and the looseness of the top.

8. Outfit 8. I love this because I have a similar tank top! It's comfortable and chic.

9. Outfit 9. This one is girlier than most, and I love it because it's good to have a one girly outfit in a week, to change things up a bit. I love the color scheme here too, soft and chic.

10. Outfit 10. I have a similar UK top, which I absolutely love. Although I don't have high-waisted shorts. And I don't have Jeffrey Cambell's either (cry), so I can change the outfit by wearing regular denim shorts and maybe my brown glads. And also because this outfit screams g e e k  c h i c with the glasses, I can wear my pair as well.

11. Outfit 11. I really wish I had the top and the skinnies. But I don't. If I purchase something in the near future, I an wear something like this. But I love it because it's sort of different, and also comfortable. Although a little warm because the top is long-sleeved.

12. Outfit 12. This is safer to wear if I'm inside one college for the entire day. But it's really really casual and cute. I love it. I will wear this as soon as I get my white Converse!! <3

 13. Outfit 13. I really wish I had a brown cardigan like that. Huhu. I love this outfit so much. I love how adding browns can really make an outfit stand out.

14. Outfit 14.  Love this so much omg. It's really really really cute huhuhu. Although I'll probably change the boots to glads because I don't have boots at all. 

15. Outfit 15. This is similar to other outfits, but the thing with this is the headband. One accessory can add so much more detail to an outfit.

16. Outfit 16. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I love how the bright bag adds a pop of color to a greyscaled-outfit. But I'll probably wear a grey T-shirt so it's not longsleeved. And maybe I'll wear black skinnies or leggings or even black shorts. Also, this bag, it's not "red." No, it's a certain shade of red, that has a little purple/blue to it, which makes it more appealing to look at than just bloody red that screams at you.

17. Outfit 17. I like how the bottoms really soften the entire outfit. Who says you can't pair dark colors with pastel?

18. Outfit 18. A really different approach with the bunned hair and the knotted top, but it works so well, especially for college. Although I probably wouldn't knot my top that high on my waist. Haha.

19. Outfit 19. This is another outfit that just screams " p e r f e c t - f o r - c o l l e g e " for me. I should really start buying scarves. They really make outfits more interesting.

20. Outfit 20. Lol another outfit that requires my long-awaited white Converse. But I love how simple this is yet so perfect already.
21. Outfit 21. this is another really simple outfit. A colored top, some light wash distressed shorts, and different colored Converse. I've always wanted to e x p e r i m e n t   p a i r i n g  d i f f e r e n t  c o l o r s  t o g e t h e r in one outfit. Most people initially have doubts, that oh, yellow and purple won't work together, or bright pink, and turquoise will never work. But it's really in the way of bringing them together and working the outfit as you wear it for it to really stand out.

 22. Outfit 22. Another outfit that's really simple. And again, p l a y i n g  w i t h  v a r i o u s  c o l o r s . 

23. Outfit 23. Again, playing with colors! This is the same person as in the two previous photos, hence the similar style and the same Converse, but it really works. Like, who knew light red-orange would go with turquoise?
24. Outfit 24. What I absolutely love about this picture is that you can have outfits already for the entire week! You know, by just changing the designs on a shirt and wearing different colored bottoms (yet with the same style for each piece), it can already have different looks all together. Lovelovelove. I've been meaning to buy different colored bottoms so I don't always have to wear regular drab skinnies or light-wash distressed denims all the time.

25. Outfit 25.  Absolutely love the s i m p l i c i t y in this and how the colors work so well together! Gosh. Lovelovelove.

26. Outfit 26. Yes, in need of white Converse again. But this is really boho-chic and simple, so yay.

27. Outfit 27. This is different because of the colors and the denim vest and the bag. I absolutely love the bag. Hihi.

28. Outfit 28. Another skirt-outfit. More casual outfit, though, which is good because there are really ways to wear skirts more casually.
29. Outfit 29. One of my favorite outfits because it's really comfortable and simple. And I just really like brown, I don't know why. Haha.

So yeah. That's 29 outfits. I didn't reach 30, simply because. I am going to try to recreate some of the outfits right now. Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 
And also, I am really going to try to blog more, but if I can't, like I haven't been able to recently, I'll post like really long posts to make up for the lack of posts. Hihi. 

See ya'll! :) x

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