Sunday, August 7, 2011

roller coaster through the atmosphere.

TUMBLR. (via ;; original source:

Another style to look out for!
Wearing something rocker on top, and something girly on the bottom.
I love how this outfit simply works. "Wooooork." (Haha, only fans of America's Next Top Model will get that ;;) ) B l a c k   t o p  w i t h  z i p p e r  i n  f r o n t,  b e i g e  o p e n  m i l i t a r y  b l a z e r,  w h i t e  t u t u  s k i r t,  w h i t e  s h o u l d e r  b a g.
If only I knew what shoes come with this outfit. I can imagine boots, for a more rugged look. Heels, for a more editorial look. And flats, for a more casual look. Any would do, I'm sure.
Keeping a wide eye on this kind of style. 
I am going to sport it soon. And you guys should try it too. ;;) 

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