Friday, August 26, 2011

you'll look back and you won't believe.

I'm really sorry!! I haven't been able to post any of my own fashion pictures (aka the weekly fashion thing I said I'd do) because there's something wrong with the memory card of my camera, so I can't take pictures properly. :( So in the mean time, I'll have to stick to desire-posts. Haha. 
I visit Forever21's Facebook regularly to check out the new stuff they have in store. And here are a few things they have that I really really like. 

 It's really hard to get tank tops that aren't low cut and aren't too loose in the arms area that you have to layer and wear something under. In the Philippines, with all the heat and frustration from the heat, it really is uncomfortable having on so many layers of clothing. This tank isn't low, it's got a great color, and design!

 This is a really cute tulle skirt. It's this deep melon red sort of type, and it's really easy to match things with. :)
 I love the design of the dress. The folding on top makes it look really cool and unique, and the flower makes it more formal.

I've always wanted lace tank tops. I mean, okay, you have to wear another tank top under, but man, the design and the color is really awesome. <3 it's nice to have lace in different areas, the back, the sleeves, the arms, completely striped in lace...

 LOVE this skirt. It's got a really unique design by having a straight skirt under and a loose, frilly type wiht a bow over. <3
I need animal tops. I mean, I don't have any birds, butterflies, dogs, nor cats. I'm kind of deprived those kinds of things. This is a really cute tank. 

One of my favorite outfits they set up in the store! :)

So, all of these photos are straight from ! :)
Writing again soon! And hopefully, I get my camera fixed. 

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