Friday, October 28, 2011

pack your bags and lock your door.

from Tumblr ;; original source: purpleemoon ;; via whimsicalwhiplash

T r i b a l  p r i n t s. That's something I've been pretty into recently, for some reason. Well, depending on the exact print and color. I mean, if the colors go pretty well together on the color wheel, then it's fine. And as long as the print isn't so all-over-the-place. A good mix of paisley prints together work 
I love this outfit a lot cause the greens and reds go well together and it doesn't make the outfit look like a Christmas costume. Even with the bold coral clutch, everything just goes so well.

I went to SM today and saw a bunch of cool tribal-print tops. One was in different shades of green, so cool. So yeah, sporting this soon!!

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