Friday, October 28, 2011

I hope that you catch me, cause I'm already falling.

From Tumblr ;; original source: hawaiianbeachbetch ;; via rockafellaa
I've always wanted to achieve the s k a t e r b o y  l o o k. Or as what Avril Lavigne (used to) call it, "sk8erboi". Haha. The key pieces you need to achieve the skaterboy look? 
  • S n e a k e r s - particularly Vans or Converse. Mostly in dark colors would work. These are really comfortable and work well with sports, walking, etc. Some people say that, no, they're for "display", Converse and all, that they don't work well with sports. Well, basketball players actually would wear Converse when they played. And from my own experience, it's really fine. Maybe try to experiment to see if it will work for you. 
  • G r a p h i c  t o p s - In this particular outfit, a good graphic or patterned tank top will work. They can be loose or fitting actually. But personally, I prefer loose tops cause they're more comfortable and are easier to move in. They're also more laid-back looking and give off an effortless look. Crop tops can also work really well. 
  • D e n i m - Denim shorts or denim skinnies will give you a really good skaterboy look. If there's a design, like maybe acid wash or if it's destroyed or ripped, it will work even better. 
  • I n e x p e n s i v e  a c c e s s o r i e s - Actually, you don't even need to wear any accessories, but maybe a few solid colored bracelets will work. What I do, is I use colored hair ties. Sounds funny, but they actually work pretty well.
  • T h e  a c t u a l  s k a t e b o a r d - If you don't know how to skateboard and only want to achieve the look for itself, then you don't need this. Haha. But it would be good too.

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