Saturday, October 22, 2011

rocket high, comets fly.

from Tumblr ;; original source: yourfashioninspiration ;; via cessjimenez

I love absolutely everything about this outfit. Form the dress to the knit top over it, to my most favorite part, the feather necklace.

The clothes themselves are actually quite simple in color. The dress is a light pink/peach color, and over it is a really really cute white knit top. I love this top so much because you can match it with a whole lot of other pieces. Knit is actually a really cool trend I've been looking into lately. It's a pretty cool trend that doesn't really need to be adjusted for the weather. I mean, knit doesn't always mean only for cool climates or for winter. There are a bunch of knit items that can really work in warmer climates, like here in the Philippines.
Knit cardigans aren't exactly the coolest thing to wear with the climate, but whatever. There are knit vests, loose knit tops...Love knit. Love love love.

The feather necklace--ultimate love. From the colors to the style. Everything. Feather accessories are another trend that I absolutely love. I like the detail the feathers give when they fall effortlessly from the gold chain. And you know, it's different. Not the regular same-material decor as the chain. And they come in all kinds of colors and sizes and styles.
Here are some styles I was able to pick up from polyvore. :)

So yeah. Definitely two trends you guys should check out. Knit and feather earrings. Right now, I'm learning how to style them with my current outfits. :)

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