Friday, October 28, 2011

I hope that you catch me, cause I'm already falling.

From Tumblr ;; original source: hawaiianbeachbetch ;; via rockafellaa
I've always wanted to achieve the s k a t e r b o y  l o o k. Or as what Avril Lavigne (used to) call it, "sk8erboi". Haha. The key pieces you need to achieve the skaterboy look? 
  • S n e a k e r s - particularly Vans or Converse. Mostly in dark colors would work. These are really comfortable and work well with sports, walking, etc. Some people say that, no, they're for "display", Converse and all, that they don't work well with sports. Well, basketball players actually would wear Converse when they played. And from my own experience, it's really fine. Maybe try to experiment to see if it will work for you. 
  • G r a p h i c  t o p s - In this particular outfit, a good graphic or patterned tank top will work. They can be loose or fitting actually. But personally, I prefer loose tops cause they're more comfortable and are easier to move in. They're also more laid-back looking and give off an effortless look. Crop tops can also work really well. 
  • D e n i m - Denim shorts or denim skinnies will give you a really good skaterboy look. If there's a design, like maybe acid wash or if it's destroyed or ripped, it will work even better. 
  • I n e x p e n s i v e  a c c e s s o r i e s - Actually, you don't even need to wear any accessories, but maybe a few solid colored bracelets will work. What I do, is I use colored hair ties. Sounds funny, but they actually work pretty well.
  • T h e  a c t u a l  s k a t e b o a r d - If you don't know how to skateboard and only want to achieve the look for itself, then you don't need this. Haha. But it would be good too.

pack your bags and lock your door.

from Tumblr ;; original source: purpleemoon ;; via whimsicalwhiplash

T r i b a l  p r i n t s. That's something I've been pretty into recently, for some reason. Well, depending on the exact print and color. I mean, if the colors go pretty well together on the color wheel, then it's fine. And as long as the print isn't so all-over-the-place. A good mix of paisley prints together work 
I love this outfit a lot cause the greens and reds go well together and it doesn't make the outfit look like a Christmas costume. Even with the bold coral clutch, everything just goes so well.

I went to SM today and saw a bunch of cool tribal-print tops. One was in different shades of green, so cool. So yeah, sporting this soon!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

rocket high, comets fly.

from Tumblr ;; original source: yourfashioninspiration ;; via cessjimenez

I love absolutely everything about this outfit. Form the dress to the knit top over it, to my most favorite part, the feather necklace.

The clothes themselves are actually quite simple in color. The dress is a light pink/peach color, and over it is a really really cute white knit top. I love this top so much because you can match it with a whole lot of other pieces. Knit is actually a really cool trend I've been looking into lately. It's a pretty cool trend that doesn't really need to be adjusted for the weather. I mean, knit doesn't always mean only for cool climates or for winter. There are a bunch of knit items that can really work in warmer climates, like here in the Philippines.
Knit cardigans aren't exactly the coolest thing to wear with the climate, but whatever. There are knit vests, loose knit tops...Love knit. Love love love.

The feather necklace--ultimate love. From the colors to the style. Everything. Feather accessories are another trend that I absolutely love. I like the detail the feathers give when they fall effortlessly from the gold chain. And you know, it's different. Not the regular same-material decor as the chain. And they come in all kinds of colors and sizes and styles.
Here are some styles I was able to pick up from polyvore. :)

So yeah. Definitely two trends you guys should check out. Knit and feather earrings. Right now, I'm learning how to style them with my current outfits. :)

like a lock without a key.

from Tumblr
Another outfit set!! :)
1. G r e y  c o a t,  l i g h t  g r e y  g r a p h i c  t e e, p i n k skirt, tights, black mid-calf boots. 
I'd love to wear this for fall. It'll keep me warm during the weather. And one of my absolute favorite color combinations would have to be pink and grey. Usually not the bold pink, more of a softer color, though. 

2. G r e y  k n i t  d r e s s,  p i n k  b l a z e r,  b r o w n  s h o u l d e r  b a g,  a n d  d a r k  b r o w n  b o o t s. 
This actually isn't my kind of outfit, because the dress is so incredibly tight. I'm very conscious, and when I wear something tight, I will become so so so conscious. The fact that it's knit makes it a little better though. and the blazer is really cool. I have a pink blazer as well. 

3. G r e y  t o p,  n a v y  b l u e  c a r d i g a n / b l a z e r,  g r e y  l e g g i n g s,  r e d  C o n v e r s e,  g r e y  b a c k p a c k. 
Very very casual outfit. I'd probably wear this on a completely off-day. Haha! In fairness, it's pretty comfortable. 

4. W h i t e  b l o u s e  w i t h  b l a c k  t a n k  u n d e r,  b l a c k  s h o r t s,  p i n k  b l a z e r,  b l a c k  b a g,  b l a c k  a n k l e  b o o t s. 
Now this, I love this outfit. Very professional, despite the fact that there are shorts. Haha. But you know, that's fine. It's a really cool outfit to wear. :) 

5. W h i t e  v - n e c k  t o p,  g r e y  j a c k e t,  b l a c k  s k i n n i e s / l e g g i n g s,  b l a c k  a n k l e   b o o t s,  g r e y  a n d  w h i t e  s h o u l d e r  b a g.
THIS. This is my favorite outfit from the entire set. It's amazayn.I mean, it's casual, but still in style. And it kind of makes the outfit look effortless. I love the sort of "blankness" it has. I mean, there really isn't anything special about the outfit. It's black and white and grey. There's no bold splash of color, or any decoration or accessory that makes it entirely special, but ironically, it makes it awesome. The irony in fashion, yes.

6. N a v y  b l u e  d r e s s,  b l a c k  j a c k e t,  s i l v e r  c h a i n  n e c k l a c e, t i g h t s,  b l a c k  a n k l e  b o o t s. 
This is another outfit I love in the set. It's actually quite professional. You can wear this on a night out or even to an interview because it's kind of in the middle. And the simple chain necklace can add detail to the outfit. 

Sorry if this post was a little dull. Haha. 
Watch out for a post on the 27th!! My birthday! :) I'll post all of the fashion/beauty-related things I got. I've gotten quite a few pieces already and it's still early! haha.

Monday, October 17, 2011

it doesn't matter if we change their minds.

Hey guys! I am so incredibly sorry that I haven't updated at all in months. Things have gotten so crazy with school, like you can't even imagine. I couldn't believe that things were becoming so hectic and so fast all at once. I broke a little, to the point when I was desperate for a break, for an escape.

If you want to know more about that, just check out my personal blog which is somewhere over there, on one of my links boxes on the ... left.

School is going to become more and more hectic in November (yes, I saw our schedule. And imagine, the schedule I saw was only for English!! What more the other subjects?) So I've decided that in my free time, or like really soon before things get more and more hectic, I'm going to make some pre-made posts, if that makes any sense at all. Or at least I'm going to write and make posts already, and then save them as drafts, so when there comes a time when I need to update my blog, I can just publish it and it's all done. So yeah. Problem solved. (I actually have exams this week but yeah)

A n y w a y.

I'm just going to give a few updates on style. I was able to grab a whole bunch of pictures and inspirations from Tumblr (I have time to go on Tumblr because reblogging is much quicker than actual blogging where you have to write and think up of what to say. Haha. Just saying.).

from Polyvore
I really like this outfit because of the colors. There's like a b r i g h t  c o r a l  b u t t o n - d o w n on top, tucked into a really cute h o r i z o n t a l  b l a c k  a n d  w h i t e  s t r i p e d  s k i r t. And you can see that the ribbon on the skirt adds detail to the entire outfit and it ties the clothes together because it's in the center. The b l a c k  s h o u l d e r  b a g kind of tones everything down for a more basic touch, and the shoes. Ohmygosh the shoes. It's really basic, they're b l a c k  w e d g e s, but for some reason it makes me scream; probably because I don't own any black wedges. Or wedges at all. My parents aren't very keen on having me own heels to wear on a regular or casual basis, which is what wedges are good for, so. I'm investing though.

from Tumblr ;; source: weheartit ;; via mamamiaaaaa 
Okay so here I go again with the Leopard print obsession. I don't know why I've been so obsessed with lately. But this outfit in particular, I like this outfit because it's really comfortable and effortless. You just throw on a l o o s e  b l a c k  t o p, a  l e o p a r d - p r i n t  s k i r t and a some b l a c k  m i d - c a l f  l a c e - u p  b o o t s. If I were to wear this outfit, though, I'd pair it up with a good old reliable gold necklace, which never lets an outfit down, I promise.

from Polyvore
Another outfit I'd love to wear here in the Philippines but can't because of the extreme heat. The picture's a little far, but from my view, I can see there's a d a r k  c o r a l  k n i t  t o p, over a t h i n  w h i t e  s h i r t  o r  b u t t o n  d o w n. Then there's a d a r k  p a i r  o f  t i g h t s. I don't know if I'm seeing this right, but it's a little dark at the bottom, so I think there's a p a i r  o f  b l a c k  s o c k s there or something, but really the outfit works with or without the socks. And some dirty b r o w n  b o o t s which make the outfit look a little more rugged.

from Tumblr ;; via fashionhype
Okay, can I just say that I love fashion pictures like this. It's not the typical, "I'm standing here looking down at my clothes not realizing that there's a camera taking a picture of me" kind of picture. I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with them it's just that they're all the same. And fashion pictures like this one up here make things interesting and unique and intriguing. 
So anyway. It's a very winter-type look with the  g r e y  c o a t with a s k i n n y  b e l t, and t h i c k  b l a c k  s c a r f. She's got a pair of t i g h t  b l a c k  s k i n n y  j e a n s. and b l a c k  b o o t s. What I love about this outfit the most is the s m a l l  t a n  s h o u l d e r  b a g. The outfit in itself is pretty basic with the colors because of the black and grey, but the bag gives it this really good pop of color and just makes the outfit look even more interesting.

from Tumblr ;; source: weheartit ;; via whimsicalwhiplash
This is a really cute old fashioned outfit. It's a b r i g h t  s u n n y  y e l l o w  d r e s s  w i t h  a  p l e a t e d  b o t t o m. It's a really simple dress, and it's pretty fun to accessorize. If I were to accessorize, the best I'd probably wear would be a big black blazer with maybe a little detail or something, and a pair of socks and boots. It'll make the outfit look more detailed and so much more old-fashioned, haha, I don't know if a lot of people will like that, but I personally find it cute. The outfit also has a b r o w n  b a g at the back, a g i a n t - p e a r l e d  n e c k l a c e, and my favorite part--the h a t! It's such a cute hat, and whenever I see hats like this I think of the park. You know those hats that end up being blown away by the wind? Haha, yeah. Random. Okay.

from Tumblr ;; source: mateia ;; via 8th-fashion-avenue
This is a really really cute sophisticated outfit. I love it so much. The plaid and the black and the tie-in color is so amazing. 
The plaid is sort of in the beige and black shade. The skirt or shorts (I'm not sure because it's hard to tell where the folds are going) and the coat are both in p l a i d and it looks so amazing. There are also p l a i n  b l a c k  t i g h t s and adorable b l a c k  a n k l e  b o o t s. I love the boots so much. I really wish I had ankle boots. I promise to get some before this school year ends! I promise!! And then the top is a nice b e i g e  b l o u s e that ties all the shades together. 

So yeah! That was a pretty long post, haha. But my blog deserves it. I haven't blogged in so long, wow.
So anyway, like I said, I'll be making pre-made posts and then just publish them regularly to keep this blog going and aliiiiive!

See ya'll soon! And hope that I get high grades in my exams!! haha.