Friday, November 4, 2011

you're the shade and I'm the sunshine.

Burnout top from Promod
So I received two belated birthday gifts today! I got this r e d  w h i t e - d o t t e d  b u r n o u t  t o p from Promod, given by my aunt. The neckline is a little wide, so I might have to wear a tank under if I want to move around a lot. It's really cute. The length is pretty okay, and it works with a whole lot of outfits. And it's also great because my closet is in desperate need of this color.

Black and grey striped jacket from Human
This was quite surprising. My guy friend gave it to me, and I was hella shocked. Like, what? He's really sweet. I really didn't expect anything from him, but here. It's a really awesome jacket. It's not very big, like it fits just right, and it's not that long. But that's fine, `cause it's an awesome gift, and it keeps me warm, and it's pretty comfortable. Haha. 

Just a quick post! Will be back later!
Oh yes! I'm also get a haircut this afternoon (after more than a year omg). And this is the style I'm getting:
Just a simple layered cut but with more layers on top and longer bangs. Because I don't want my bangs to be short enough to pass through the stage when they're going to fall right on my eyes. It sucks. Haha. So yeah, I wish I could get the color too, but noooooooo, I'm not allowed to dye my hair. :( maybe when I'm older! haha. So yeah, I really really really hope it's a successful haircut. I mean, I haven't had one in over a year, hopefully this one is good to me.

all pictures were taken by me
all products were purchased by me/friends/loved onesI do not work for any company 

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