Sunday, November 27, 2011

the flame burned out, but it still glows.


My outfit today (11.27.11)! I wore an old rose dress, grey striped crop top, gold necklace, two-toned brown gladiators. 
For some reason, I'm experimenting with that whole top-on-dress layering idea. I think ever since I got my two-in-one dress from Chill, I've been experimenting more on that kind of style. And with one universal (can match with anything) crop top and a bunch of cool dresses I'm too embarrassed to wear alone, I can create a whole bunch of different outfits. And this is one of them. 
It's a fun little outfit for church, nothing too fancy, nothing too casual. I was actually planning on wearing Converse with it to bring the dress down a little, but I was afraid people would think it was a strange style. Yes, I still do make sure I care what people think once in a while. Haha. So I experimented with my brown glads, and they worked perfectly. Maybe I'll try it with Converse on another casual day. :)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm only good at being young.

from Tumblr

This week has been so hectic, sorry for the lack of posts! I'll have another one up later on.

For some reason, I am obsessed with this outfit. It seems so simple, right? Sometimes simple can be the best. L o o s e  f l o r a l  t o p,  r o l l e d  u p  h i g h - w a i s t e d  d e n i m  s h o r t s,  b r o w n  be l t,  n u d e  f l a t s,  b r o w n  b a g. 
It's such an easy outfit to pull of, actually. But I really really love the simplicity of it. And it's comfortable too! I actually like the fact that there's minimal jewelry. And the fact that her hair is in a messy casual ponytail so it's nothing too fancy. It's a really cool laid-back what-up-i-still-have-amazing-style look.
Haha, and I know that didn't make sense, but I'm really trying to get thinner so I can pull of this look again. Wootwoot

Friday, November 18, 2011

I came to win, to fly.

First nail art post! Yup. I've actually been wanting to do nail art for quite a while, especially after seeing how amazing they look (and after falling in love with my blue nails). It's kind of hard, I guess, to get the so many colors you need to make the perfect designs. But I think that this is something I can excel in too, especially because paint is my forte! Haha.

So there are a bunch of designs I've been wanting to do:

B r i t i s h  f l a g  n a i l s! I really want to do this next year. Probably for New Year. It looks amazing. I just need red and white nail polish and I'm good to go! Also, I really don't care anymore (or at least I don't want to care). If someone calls me stupid again for having blue nails, then so be it. (Just to let you know, Grandma, I made it to the Honors' list every single year in gradeschool, became top10 in my graduating year, and received 93 GPAs at the end of every high school year so far. Stupid enough for you?

You'll need red, blue, and white nail polish for this one. Plus a top coat, of course.
  1. Apply the blue nail polish as your base coat. 
  2. Paint one straight line in the red nail polish, and then another line across it.
  3. Paint one diagonal line across, and then another diagonal line in the opposite direction. Might actually look like a red snowflake right now, or an asterisk. (*)
  4. Line all the red lines with a thin white line.
  5. Apply the top coat, and you're done! :)

Another design I have yet to try is n e w s p a p e r  n a i l s!
I swear I've been wanting to do this for so long, it's just that I haven't had the time to really do them! 
from Youtube
I actually just printscreened this off a video from Youtube (link in caption). Before I thought that it was really hard, but it's actually pretty easy! I love the way it looks. I love backgrounds with text, and just random words jumbled together that don't really mean anything. The way it looks on nails is absolutely amazayn. 

You'll need base coat, light-colored polish (light grey, white, light pink, light blue, etc. ;; works best if it's a neutral color though), rubbing alcohol, newspaper, and a top coat
  1. Apply the base coat.
  2. Apply the light-colored nail polish.
  3. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a container and dip your nails into it for about five seconds.
  4. Take your newspaper and press it onto your nail for 15 seconds. 
  5. Apply the top coat.
Make sure that your nails are completely dry before moving on to the next step for better quality! 

For Christmas, I've been looking into different nail designs. There are just too many to choose from, and I don't know which one I want to do or which one I'm capable of doing! Haha.

So yeah. :) 
Christmas is almost near! Once my paper is done, I will definitely start feeling the holiday spirit. <3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

it's all just static in my head.

from Tumblr ;; original source: angieincolor ;; via xoxonicole

F l o r a l  j e a n s -- I need. My gosh. 
I've been wanting floral jeans for so long. There was this one time, I went with my friends to a Topshop/Dorothy Perkins sale, and among all the pieces of clothing on the racks, we found these floral jeans:

from Polyvore (Topshop)

They fit me, but barely. My legs legit couldn't breathe. But ohmygosh, they were so amazayn. I mean, I can come up with a hundred different outfits that could match. I love how it can be really dressy and casual at the same time. It's a unique pair of jeans, and it's got a classier look than acid wash or ripped jeans. 

So keep your eyes on floral jeans, people!
They're so in style, really. And hopefully, I'll be able to get my own pair really soon. ;;)

Monday, November 7, 2011

I wanna hold the whole wide world right here in my open hands.

from Tumblr ;; via fashionaddiction
W h y  i s  i t  t h a t  t h e i r  h a i r  d o e s n ' t  l o o k  m e s s y ?
Like, okay, yes they're trying to achieve the "messy look." But there are two kinds of messy looks. The bad kind of messy (aka literally messy) and the good kind of messy (aka neatly messy). 

I always have the bad kind of messy. That's my everyday look. And it sucks big time. I don't know why but black hair looks generally messier than lighter hair. I mean, my hair is black, and is always messy. Where as people with lighter hair, have a good kind of messy. It's not all-out, where you look stressed and troubled or you just came from running a marathon or something.

They can work their messy hair, for some reason, and make it, I don't know, a fashion statement. 
I can't. Not because I don't feel like it doesn't work, just because, it really doesn't work. 

So sad.
I swear, when I am older, I am going to dye my hair. I've got nothing against my being a Filipino and having black hair, not at all. I just really wish I could work with different colors. And eventually, styles. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

you're the shade and I'm the sunshine.

Burnout top from Promod
So I received two belated birthday gifts today! I got this r e d  w h i t e - d o t t e d  b u r n o u t  t o p from Promod, given by my aunt. The neckline is a little wide, so I might have to wear a tank under if I want to move around a lot. It's really cute. The length is pretty okay, and it works with a whole lot of outfits. And it's also great because my closet is in desperate need of this color.

Black and grey striped jacket from Human
This was quite surprising. My guy friend gave it to me, and I was hella shocked. Like, what? He's really sweet. I really didn't expect anything from him, but here. It's a really awesome jacket. It's not very big, like it fits just right, and it's not that long. But that's fine, `cause it's an awesome gift, and it keeps me warm, and it's pretty comfortable. Haha. 

Just a quick post! Will be back later!
Oh yes! I'm also get a haircut this afternoon (after more than a year omg). And this is the style I'm getting:
Just a simple layered cut but with more layers on top and longer bangs. Because I don't want my bangs to be short enough to pass through the stage when they're going to fall right on my eyes. It sucks. Haha. So yeah, I wish I could get the color too, but noooooooo, I'm not allowed to dye my hair. :( maybe when I'm older! haha. So yeah, I really really really hope it's a successful haircut. I mean, I haven't had one in over a year, hopefully this one is good to me.

all pictures were taken by me
all products were purchased by me/friends/loved onesI do not work for any company 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i'll spin you around, won't let you fall down.

I had the best birthday ever. And it's great timing--definitely sweet sixteen. Yup, sixteen years. :)
And for my birthday, I got a whole bunch of clothes. These are only parts/some of my birthday gifts, but of course, this being a fashion blog, I'll post the fashion portion. :)

250pesos (SALE! 50% off) ;; Naf Naf ;; SM Dept. Store
Bought another formal but comfortable blouse. It's a really nice fuchsia color, and it's cotton. It's formal but it's cotton so it's really easy to move around it, and I don't have to be uncomfortable when wearing something formal. The cut is also great, at the end of the blouse and even in the arms. Oh, and also the neckline. Great neckline! Not low at all.

250pesos (SALE! 50% off) ;; Seventeen ;; SM Dept. Store
 Finally! My own basic f l o r a l  t a n k  t o p. And it's really cheap for the quality, the style, and the brand! I was so happy when I got it. It also came in a black floral color but, for some reason this one fit better. And I love this--it's so classic. Pair it with almost anything because its base is white, and it's floral. It's white floral. Simple.
250pesos (SALE! 50% off) ;; Naf Naf ;; SM Dept. Store
 AH MY FIRST C R O P  T O P. I know. I'm so lame. I've been into fashion for a couple of years and have never taken the chance to buy myself a crop top. In fact, I wasn't even looking for one, but it was on the sale rack and was already there, so. Amazing. It looks so cool. I love everything about it. the fit, the color, the stripes. Love.
1,100pesos ;; Chill ;; SM Dept. Store
My goodness. I saw this on the mannequin and it looked absolutely amazing. I was finally able to get another thing to wear for a formal event! I mean, parties for Senior Year keep coming back and it's been hard to find unique outfits because I am really not into repeating outfits. So this was a really good investment. And for a formal dress, it's a pretty good buy. This wasn't on sale, but it's pretty cheap for this style. Love it so much. And it looks soooo cool. Haha. (Now I just need basic black pumps hahaha)

399pesos ;; Soulmates ;; SM Dept. Store
B r o w n  g l a d i a t o r s! Finally! My own pair of glads. I was supposed to get basic black ones, but mom says I already have like 3 pairs of black flats, so. I actually wanted plain dark brown gladiators, or at least, a normal brown color. This one is more unique. It's two-toned, and the zipper is on the t-strap instead of at the back. And these were a really good buy for only 400 pesos. And they're really soft, they don't have a heel, so they're immensely comfortable. Love them so much.

1,000+ pesos ;; Forever21 ;; SM Megamall
This was given to me by my cousin, and I don't exactly remember how much it is. All I remember is that it's around more than a thousand pesos. And it's really cute. I love the color, and the paperbag style. It matches with a whole lot of things too. But this one has a more formal fit and style than the next one...

800+ pesos ;; I Love H8 ;; SM Megamall
This was also given by my cousin for my birthday. This one is more casual with the colors and the graphic style. It's like rough paint splatters and scratches or something. So I have a graphic skirt. Boom. This one is a more comfortable skirt cause it's looser and easier to move around in.

Cinole ;; given by my Mom
I don't know much about this, because my mom was rummaging through her closet and found an old k n i t  c a r d i g a n which she can't wear anymore because of the heat. I can wear it though, because I don't really feel all that warm when it comes to layering. I really love this, because it's short-sleeved! Aside from the fact that it's knit, it won't be all that warm. I've been trying to find other ways to style it though, so if anyone has any suggestions, just go to:

Shining Star ;; given by my grandmother
My grandmother/lola also gave me a birthday present--b l a c k  s e q u i n e d  f l a t s! The fit is perfect and the style is amazayn. I love how easy it is to make casual outfits more stylish and how it can make formal outfits still formal without having to wear heels. I don't know where she got them and for how much because she wouldn't tell me, but oh well.

I was actually also given a colorful pair of striped ankle socks by my cousin, also from Forever21, but they're kind of in the wash right now. Haha! So yeah. Been an amazing sem break. Love. And I've got a whole lot of shopping pieces off of my list! Yay.