Saturday, September 10, 2011

caught up in you.

from Tumblr (purpleemoon)
I absolutely love this top. I've been seeing this style go around for a while. More recently, in fact. On celebrities, on random people on Tumblr, and I just find it so cute. Firstly because they're horses!! Random falling horses imprinted on thin cloth. 
I love how easy it is as well to make different outfits with it because despite the printed pattern, you can wear so many things with it. Tuck it in, wear it with jeans, let out down loose...
And the pieces I've seen are all the same! Where do you get one?! 
I really wish I had one of these. They're so cute. <3 
So yeah, just a quick desire-post. :)) 

Goodnight for now! More posts to come soon! :)

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