Saturday, September 10, 2011

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It's time for another one of those fashion sets I always do! Note, I am going to spam a little tonight because I feel so sorry for my blog. It is deprived of any posts at all.

1. Oufit One
P i n k  b l a z e r,  p r i n t e d  t a n k  t o p,  b l a c k  s k i n n y  j e a n s,  b r o w n  h e e l s. 
The contrast of the two colors on the top are pretty cool. Adding the pink blazer gives the darker tank a sort of pop in color. Actually, is that pink? When I first look at it, my immediate thought is like, a dark melon or something. Haha, I don't really know. And of course, anything goes with black skinny jeans. They are classy must-haves, I repeat, must-haves, essentials, in your closet. The brown heels tie in together the entire outfit.

2. Outfit Two
W h i t e  b u t t o n  d o w n  s h i r t,  b l a c k  p l e a t e d  s k i r t,  w h i t e  l a c e  c a r d i g a n,  b r o w n  s o c k s,  b l u e  s u e d e  h e e l s.
The top part of the outfit sort of seems very office-ish. The whole white button down and the black skirt. Although it would look more if the skirt was a pencil skirt. The white lace cardigan gives it a different, edgier flair to it. And then of course, we get to the bottom of the outfit. Must be strange. I found it strange at first, too. The question remains, why pair brown socks with blue suede shoes? But then again, my personal fashion motto remains (this is one of my fashion beliefs anyway): Not all things have to match to look fashionable. 
Of course, don't take that statement all out. There is always an extent, but the limit shouldn't be too short either. :)

3. Outfit Three
B l a c k  g r a p h i c  t o p,  b l a c k  f i t t e d  b l a z e r,  b l u e  d e n i m  s k i n n y  j e a n s,  d a r k  b r o w n  b o o t s.
I love this outfit. It is very street-style chic. I mean, just throwing on a regular casual graphic tank (I think that's a top in the picture) and then randomly putting on a professional blazer, makes it look so effortless. I love things like that. Effortless looks. The boots are pretty cool, although I can really see them, so I don't know if they're black or dark brown, but I think they're dark brown.

4. Outfit Four
B l a c k  b u t t o n  d o w n  s h i r t,  b l a c k  a n d  w h i t e  p o l k a  d o t t e d  s k i r t,  r e d  b l a z e r,  w o o d - b r o w n  p e e p  t o e  h e e l s,  s u n g l a s s e s. 
This is another outfit I love, basically because of the blazer. Haha, I think I'm addicted to blazers, which is kind of ironic because I've hardly worn any due to the weather here in the Philippines, so it's rare to find occasions to wear blazers. Like the first outfit, the blazer, although it is not a very bright color, it gives a more colorful vibe to the black and white underneath. And the shoes are really cute and have a wooden-brown like color. And from what I can see, they're the lace-up ones, or rather, the ones with laces on top.

5. Outfit Five
L o n g  w h i t e  t o p,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  j a c k e t,  l e o p a r d  p r i n t e d  s k i r t,  b l a c k  s o c k s,  b r o w n  h e e l s. 
Another street-style chic outfit! Basically because of the leather jacket. Haha! I really like the skirt. I need some animal printed piece of clothing. Oh! Well, I have one, but it doesn't look so "animal" printed. I have a tank top that's kind of leopard-ish, but yeah. And again, the socks with the heels. It's a pretty cool trend, I like it. :)

So yup! That's the fashion set. I should count how many fashion/outfit sets I do. I'll check some of my old ones later on.
Also! I'm really sorry, but apparently, I can do that whole That's the Key! (Fashion Mix) anymore. :( I don't really have a good quality camera, and neither do I have anyone willing enough to take pictures of me in my outfits, so placing my digital camera on top of a couple of thick books and setting the timer won't be very efficient because the picture won't turn up good anyway. Especially because I'd have to go a little farther to see the entire outfit, the picture will end up blurry. So yeah. :( It's really disappointing, it is. Haha. Yeah. :\ So I'll try to find something else.

More posts coming up in a couple of minutes!! :)

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