Saturday, September 10, 2011

i hold on to your secrets.

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I really really really love these kinds of vests!!
The one on the left, I call the k n i t - c r o c h e t - f r i n g e  v e s t, and the one right I call the t h i n - c l o t h  l a c e  v e s t. 
I absolutely love these kinds of vests, because the main thing that I love is that you don't feel hot in them. Hot meaning warm, okay? :))
Because in tropical places, sometimes your really want to be fashionable, and sometimes you direct yourself to adding layers and accessories and all kinds of pieces of clothing to jazz up simple, plain, old ones. The thing is, sometimes cardigans, jackets, and blazers are a big hassle to wear with all the heat. So these are absolutely perfect to wear. They're lightweight, they're cool and flowy, and they jazz up any kind of outfit. And they're really cute!
Also, it's a very summery kind of look. These two things scream summer because they're easy to wear and you know, good for the heat but for the wind as well. ;;)
I know some people don't like the whole fringe-trend, but I just happen to love it. As long as it isn't too fringy, but yeah, it's really cute. Especially on this vest, with the knit and the crochet combination, along with the fabulous light brown color, it makes it so easy to wear and pair with different kind of outfits.
The second vest is also pretty easy to pair up. I'd have to say that this one is easier than the other one because it's white, and that's a basic color and goes with pretty much everything. The lace adds a really cool detail to it, and the thin cloth really screams out that it's cool and it light on your skin.

Ohmygosh, while talking about these two pieces, I have to resist the urge to try and get myself into my laptop and into that picture and grab those two vests off the wall. Ugh. Haha!
So yeah.
Another post, I think, coming up in a while! :)

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