Saturday, September 10, 2011

time keeps lingering on.

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been updating AT ALL. Ugh hate myself. I should really learn to manage my time more wisely went it comes to school requirements so I still have remaining time to blog. :\
I should make that a permanent goal, yup.
Okay, so for the past few days, it's been pretty hectic at school, but I've still been able to search Youtube now and then. And I saw this video on the homepage, something about perfect summer/spring hairstyles or something like that. I've only been checking up on beauty videos on Youtube recently, so I tried this one out, and I discovered this girl,
She is amazing.
Her name is Bethany, and she is one of the best (if the not the best) beauty gurus ever!! Well, she's one of my personal favorites.
I love her because she has amazing style, she has a lot of videos, her videos include essentials and important things, she updates frequently, she talks a lot yet her voice is not annoying, and she explains how to do things really well. Well, in general, she explains things well. And, another thing, she talks to you like she's your actual friend, and not like some strange random viewer she doesn't know on Youtube. Also, she's got a really really cool room!
She has her own girly style, and is not afraid to express her love for hot pink.
She's just really cool, and like, even if you look at her videos waaaay back then, you'll still find them helpful and essential to you because the things she makes videos about are important and significant in a girl's life. And she is really nice. You can tell if a person's faking nice on camera or not, and this girl is not faking nice.

So yeah. Please please please check her out! All her videos are amazing and so incredibly entertaining to watch! (and she's really pretty, she doesn't need makeup to look pretty!!)

You can check out her Facebook, follow her on Twitter, check out her other channel, and also see her sets on Polyvore! :)

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