Sunday, September 11, 2011

leave it all to me.

from Tumblr
C o l o r f u l  b l e n d e d  t a n k  t o p,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  v e s t,  d i s t r e s s e d  l i g h t  w a s h  d e n i m  s h o r t s,  s i l v e r  c r o s s  n e c k l a c e.

This is such a cool outfit. Like, it holds so much swag alone. And if you've got more swag in your personality alone, this outfit will make you the ultimate swagger. 

The colorful top is such a great get. It looks sort of space-like to me. That's the first thing I see when I look at the picture. Space. And the black leather vest just compliments it so well. It tones down the colors yet makes it a bolder statement, and of course, the cross necklace to top it off. 
I like the distressed shorts as well. Although they're a little short in length for me (although if I were that thin, why not?), I really like them. I've been needing to get some light wash shorts for a while, but I recently got my regular blue (slightly) distressed ones, so I need to wait a while before I can go on a shopping haul again. Haha. Oh, my selfish desires.

I'd really like to wear this outfit here in the Philippines. Maybe pair it up with boots, but since I don't have one, sneakers or glads will do the trick. Love this outfit a whole lot! <3

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