Monday, September 19, 2011

easy less, easy more.

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Hey guys! Wow this is my first hairstyle post. :)) 
I wanted to do something different, and I do think that hairstyles are part of fashion, because when you dress up, sometimes you think about hair too. Unless you're like me, who always just leaves it down because I have no ability whatsoever to style my own hair. 

Hairstyle 1 (Pic 1)
A  m e s s y  b u n ! It's so funny how you need to do so much work on it and fix it up for it to be messy. Haha, the irony. I really wish I could do this. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for bad hair days. I have my bad hair days whenever I don't have time to shampoo in the morning or whenever I condition without shampooing. And when I don't condition at night, my hair gets slightly frizzy and I get a lot of fly-aways. So, yes, friends. I am aware of my fly-aways. A good tip is to get it hot-oiled regularly. So yeah. 
When I have extra time, I will really try to master the messy bun!! 

Hairstyle 2 (Pic 2)
A  b r a i d  i n  a  p o n y t a i l. French braid one side of your hair and then gather the rest of your hair and tie it together in a short, low ponytail. One thing I know a lot of people like to do is they take a small piece of their hair and wrap it around their hair tie. It's a really cute idea.

Hairstyle 3 (Pic 3)
t h e  h i d d e n  b r a i d. A big braid of all pieces of hair and then, I don't know, somehow hidden beneath the rest of the hair. It looks so so so cool! Although I don't know what it looks like from the front. Ohwell. Haha. 

Haristyle 4 (Pic 5)
T h e  W a t e r f a l l. I call it the waterfall because the strands flow down and then curl outward like he waves at the end of the a waterfall. And then a section of hair is pulled and clipped back. 

Hairstyle 5 (Pic 6)
S i d e - s w e p t  b u n. This is kind of like the messy bun except with a different style. It's swept to the side. It looks so cute. Cuter than the regular messy bun! <3

Hairstyle 6 (Pic 4, 7-9)
B a l l r o o m  s t y l e. These up-do's remind me a lot of Cinderella for some reason. Haha. Maybe because they're really classy and fixed up. I can so imagine them during dances and fancy parties and ballroom dancing stuff. So yeah. :)

Wootwoot! I might have another different kind of post next time, I'm not sure. But more of these "rare" posts will come up! Like, not the regular fashion or fashion set stuff. :) 
See ya'll!


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