Monday, September 19, 2011

easy less, easy more.

from Tumblr,, via rushersg0tswag
Hey guys! Wow this is my first hairstyle post. :)) 
I wanted to do something different, and I do think that hairstyles are part of fashion, because when you dress up, sometimes you think about hair too. Unless you're like me, who always just leaves it down because I have no ability whatsoever to style my own hair. 

Hairstyle 1 (Pic 1)
A  m e s s y  b u n ! It's so funny how you need to do so much work on it and fix it up for it to be messy. Haha, the irony. I really wish I could do this. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for bad hair days. I have my bad hair days whenever I don't have time to shampoo in the morning or whenever I condition without shampooing. And when I don't condition at night, my hair gets slightly frizzy and I get a lot of fly-aways. So, yes, friends. I am aware of my fly-aways. A good tip is to get it hot-oiled regularly. So yeah. 
When I have extra time, I will really try to master the messy bun!! 

Hairstyle 2 (Pic 2)
A  b r a i d  i n  a  p o n y t a i l. French braid one side of your hair and then gather the rest of your hair and tie it together in a short, low ponytail. One thing I know a lot of people like to do is they take a small piece of their hair and wrap it around their hair tie. It's a really cute idea.

Hairstyle 3 (Pic 3)
t h e  h i d d e n  b r a i d. A big braid of all pieces of hair and then, I don't know, somehow hidden beneath the rest of the hair. It looks so so so cool! Although I don't know what it looks like from the front. Ohwell. Haha. 

Haristyle 4 (Pic 5)
T h e  W a t e r f a l l. I call it the waterfall because the strands flow down and then curl outward like he waves at the end of the a waterfall. And then a section of hair is pulled and clipped back. 

Hairstyle 5 (Pic 6)
S i d e - s w e p t  b u n. This is kind of like the messy bun except with a different style. It's swept to the side. It looks so cute. Cuter than the regular messy bun! <3

Hairstyle 6 (Pic 4, 7-9)
B a l l r o o m  s t y l e. These up-do's remind me a lot of Cinderella for some reason. Haha. Maybe because they're really classy and fixed up. I can so imagine them during dances and fancy parties and ballroom dancing stuff. So yeah. :)

Wootwoot! I might have another different kind of post next time, I'm not sure. But more of these "rare" posts will come up! Like, not the regular fashion or fashion set stuff. :) 
See ya'll!


Friday, September 16, 2011

you had a lot of moments that didn't last forever.

Hey guys! So I have the ACET on Sunday morning, so I'll blog now and not have to worry about it at the end of the week. There are a number of things I'm going to put up in this post, so, yeah. :)

from Tumblr
First off, is this really cute plaid pink and maroon trench coat. I'd really like to where something like this once, along with a nice pair of lace or dotted light patterned tights and ankle boots. And maybe a cute matching beret. Ugh, it's going to look so awesome and cool especially if I picture the outfit out in the streets. Gives it that really cool New York street chic style.

I love this outfit. The dress is really cool because the black top is classy, and then it goes down to a layered, choppy, more rugged look. It has rugged tiers but with a dirty yet feminine color. And then the bag makes the look more casual. It looks so cool, especially if you're going to wear it with a pair of black gladiators or black chucks. It's like, a rugged girly look, because the dress is girly yet the accessories make it more casual. I love it so so so much. It's something I know I'll feel comfortable with anywhere.

This is Emma Roberts. She is so thin. Her legs, ugh. Thigh-high socks are actually something that I'd really like to learn how to style. I have my share of thigh-high socks though. They're white with musical notes on it, although I really don't know how to style it, especially because my legs aren't flawless like Emma's.

So yeah, that's about it for this post.
Oh yeah. One announcement! Since my that's the key thing didn't work out, I'm doing that whole month favorites thing like some people do on youtube, except mine will be in writing. And of course, all fashion. :) I've been getting a whole lot of good grabs on Polyvore so, yeah. I'll be posting them here.

See you all soon! <3

Sunday, September 11, 2011

leave it all to me.

from Tumblr
C o l o r f u l  b l e n d e d  t a n k  t o p,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  v e s t,  d i s t r e s s e d  l i g h t  w a s h  d e n i m  s h o r t s,  s i l v e r  c r o s s  n e c k l a c e.

This is such a cool outfit. Like, it holds so much swag alone. And if you've got more swag in your personality alone, this outfit will make you the ultimate swagger. 

The colorful top is such a great get. It looks sort of space-like to me. That's the first thing I see when I look at the picture. Space. And the black leather vest just compliments it so well. It tones down the colors yet makes it a bolder statement, and of course, the cross necklace to top it off. 
I like the distressed shorts as well. Although they're a little short in length for me (although if I were that thin, why not?), I really like them. I've been needing to get some light wash shorts for a while, but I recently got my regular blue (slightly) distressed ones, so I need to wait a while before I can go on a shopping haul again. Haha. Oh, my selfish desires.

I'd really like to wear this outfit here in the Philippines. Maybe pair it up with boots, but since I don't have one, sneakers or glads will do the trick. Love this outfit a whole lot! <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

caught up in you.

from Tumblr (purpleemoon)
I absolutely love this top. I've been seeing this style go around for a while. More recently, in fact. On celebrities, on random people on Tumblr, and I just find it so cute. Firstly because they're horses!! Random falling horses imprinted on thin cloth. 
I love how easy it is as well to make different outfits with it because despite the printed pattern, you can wear so many things with it. Tuck it in, wear it with jeans, let out down loose...
And the pieces I've seen are all the same! Where do you get one?! 
I really wish I had one of these. They're so cute. <3 
So yeah, just a quick desire-post. :)) 

Goodnight for now! More posts to come soon! :)

i hold on to your secrets.

from Tumblr
I really really really love these kinds of vests!!
The one on the left, I call the k n i t - c r o c h e t - f r i n g e  v e s t, and the one right I call the t h i n - c l o t h  l a c e  v e s t. 
I absolutely love these kinds of vests, because the main thing that I love is that you don't feel hot in them. Hot meaning warm, okay? :))
Because in tropical places, sometimes your really want to be fashionable, and sometimes you direct yourself to adding layers and accessories and all kinds of pieces of clothing to jazz up simple, plain, old ones. The thing is, sometimes cardigans, jackets, and blazers are a big hassle to wear with all the heat. So these are absolutely perfect to wear. They're lightweight, they're cool and flowy, and they jazz up any kind of outfit. And they're really cute!
Also, it's a very summery kind of look. These two things scream summer because they're easy to wear and you know, good for the heat but for the wind as well. ;;)
I know some people don't like the whole fringe-trend, but I just happen to love it. As long as it isn't too fringy, but yeah, it's really cute. Especially on this vest, with the knit and the crochet combination, along with the fabulous light brown color, it makes it so easy to wear and pair with different kind of outfits.
The second vest is also pretty easy to pair up. I'd have to say that this one is easier than the other one because it's white, and that's a basic color and goes with pretty much everything. The lace adds a really cool detail to it, and the thin cloth really screams out that it's cool and it light on your skin.

Ohmygosh, while talking about these two pieces, I have to resist the urge to try and get myself into my laptop and into that picture and grab those two vests off the wall. Ugh. Haha!
So yeah.
Another post, I think, coming up in a while! :)

talk to the man with the reasons why.

from Tumblr
It's time for another one of those fashion sets I always do! Note, I am going to spam a little tonight because I feel so sorry for my blog. It is deprived of any posts at all.

1. Oufit One
P i n k  b l a z e r,  p r i n t e d  t a n k  t o p,  b l a c k  s k i n n y  j e a n s,  b r o w n  h e e l s. 
The contrast of the two colors on the top are pretty cool. Adding the pink blazer gives the darker tank a sort of pop in color. Actually, is that pink? When I first look at it, my immediate thought is like, a dark melon or something. Haha, I don't really know. And of course, anything goes with black skinny jeans. They are classy must-haves, I repeat, must-haves, essentials, in your closet. The brown heels tie in together the entire outfit.

2. Outfit Two
W h i t e  b u t t o n  d o w n  s h i r t,  b l a c k  p l e a t e d  s k i r t,  w h i t e  l a c e  c a r d i g a n,  b r o w n  s o c k s,  b l u e  s u e d e  h e e l s.
The top part of the outfit sort of seems very office-ish. The whole white button down and the black skirt. Although it would look more if the skirt was a pencil skirt. The white lace cardigan gives it a different, edgier flair to it. And then of course, we get to the bottom of the outfit. Must be strange. I found it strange at first, too. The question remains, why pair brown socks with blue suede shoes? But then again, my personal fashion motto remains (this is one of my fashion beliefs anyway): Not all things have to match to look fashionable. 
Of course, don't take that statement all out. There is always an extent, but the limit shouldn't be too short either. :)

3. Outfit Three
B l a c k  g r a p h i c  t o p,  b l a c k  f i t t e d  b l a z e r,  b l u e  d e n i m  s k i n n y  j e a n s,  d a r k  b r o w n  b o o t s.
I love this outfit. It is very street-style chic. I mean, just throwing on a regular casual graphic tank (I think that's a top in the picture) and then randomly putting on a professional blazer, makes it look so effortless. I love things like that. Effortless looks. The boots are pretty cool, although I can really see them, so I don't know if they're black or dark brown, but I think they're dark brown.

4. Outfit Four
B l a c k  b u t t o n  d o w n  s h i r t,  b l a c k  a n d  w h i t e  p o l k a  d o t t e d  s k i r t,  r e d  b l a z e r,  w o o d - b r o w n  p e e p  t o e  h e e l s,  s u n g l a s s e s. 
This is another outfit I love, basically because of the blazer. Haha, I think I'm addicted to blazers, which is kind of ironic because I've hardly worn any due to the weather here in the Philippines, so it's rare to find occasions to wear blazers. Like the first outfit, the blazer, although it is not a very bright color, it gives a more colorful vibe to the black and white underneath. And the shoes are really cute and have a wooden-brown like color. And from what I can see, they're the lace-up ones, or rather, the ones with laces on top.

5. Outfit Five
L o n g  w h i t e  t o p,  b l a c k  l e a t h e r  j a c k e t,  l e o p a r d  p r i n t e d  s k i r t,  b l a c k  s o c k s,  b r o w n  h e e l s. 
Another street-style chic outfit! Basically because of the leather jacket. Haha! I really like the skirt. I need some animal printed piece of clothing. Oh! Well, I have one, but it doesn't look so "animal" printed. I have a tank top that's kind of leopard-ish, but yeah. And again, the socks with the heels. It's a pretty cool trend, I like it. :)

So yup! That's the fashion set. I should count how many fashion/outfit sets I do. I'll check some of my old ones later on.
Also! I'm really sorry, but apparently, I can do that whole That's the Key! (Fashion Mix) anymore. :( I don't really have a good quality camera, and neither do I have anyone willing enough to take pictures of me in my outfits, so placing my digital camera on top of a couple of thick books and setting the timer won't be very efficient because the picture won't turn up good anyway. Especially because I'd have to go a little farther to see the entire outfit, the picture will end up blurry. So yeah. :( It's really disappointing, it is. Haha. Yeah. :\ So I'll try to find something else.

More posts coming up in a couple of minutes!! :)

time keeps lingering on.

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't been updating AT ALL. Ugh hate myself. I should really learn to manage my time more wisely went it comes to school requirements so I still have remaining time to blog. :\
I should make that a permanent goal, yup.
Okay, so for the past few days, it's been pretty hectic at school, but I've still been able to search Youtube now and then. And I saw this video on the homepage, something about perfect summer/spring hairstyles or something like that. I've only been checking up on beauty videos on Youtube recently, so I tried this one out, and I discovered this girl,
She is amazing.
Her name is Bethany, and she is one of the best (if the not the best) beauty gurus ever!! Well, she's one of my personal favorites.
I love her because she has amazing style, she has a lot of videos, her videos include essentials and important things, she updates frequently, she talks a lot yet her voice is not annoying, and she explains how to do things really well. Well, in general, she explains things well. And, another thing, she talks to you like she's your actual friend, and not like some strange random viewer she doesn't know on Youtube. Also, she's got a really really cool room!
She has her own girly style, and is not afraid to express her love for hot pink.
She's just really cool, and like, even if you look at her videos waaaay back then, you'll still find them helpful and essential to you because the things she makes videos about are important and significant in a girl's life. And she is really nice. You can tell if a person's faking nice on camera or not, and this girl is not faking nice.

So yeah. Please please please check her out! All her videos are amazing and so incredibly entertaining to watch! (and she's really pretty, she doesn't need makeup to look pretty!!)

You can check out her Facebook, follow her on Twitter, check out her other channel, and also see her sets on Polyvore! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

like this city is on fire tonight.

Hey guys! I'm oh-so-very sorry for not really posting :(
I just came back from Davao (Southern Philippines) and I got sick when I got back. :\ I stayed home from school today, so I have time to post something.

I was able to buy a few things in Davao. When I got there, I was really surprised with the number of items. The variety, the quality, the reasonable prices--WOW. 

1. W h i t e  a n d  p i n k  p r i n t  f l o r a l  t o p

This floral top I got in the Department Store of Gaisano Mall in Davao. I don't know what really attracted me to it compared to the ones we have here in Manila. Maybe the cloth? Or just how it looked on me in general? Or maybe because it came all the way from Davao. Haha, I don't know. But it cost only 205pesos. :)
from Tanjay (Dept. Store, Gaisano Mall in Davao, Philippines)

2. O l d  r o s e  b l o u s e  w i t h  R u f f l e s

I got this top for formal purposes. I guess I realized that I don't really have enough formal tops to wear (or formal bottoms haha). This one just really caught my eye. It's cute, it's a nice old-rose color, and it fits well. It was pretty expensive but only because it came from the imported section. It costs 815pesos.

from New Channel (Dept. Store, Gaisano Mall in Davao, Philippines)

3. O l d  r o s e  s h o u l d e r  b a g

I found this with all the other bags in the bag section. It was so awesome. And pretty reasonably priced at that. I only have a few bags like this, if not, only one, so it was a good get. I was a little skeptic at first, though, because I was afraid I wouldn't have much outfits to go with it. But of course, in fashion, again, not everything has to match. Not all things have to match to look good. ;;) And besides, the outfits I got that day matched with the bag. HAHA. This one costs 390pesos. 

Unknown brand (Dept. Store, Gaisano Mall in Davao, Philippines)

4. B l a c k  a n d  w h i t e  s t r i p e d  d r e s s  w i t h  f l o w e r  d e s i g n

The truth about this dress is that it is much much longer than I make it look. HAHA. It actually reaches all the way below my knees. And dresses like that look absolutely horrible on me. So I folded it up a little above my knees, because I think the length is really more for teenagers. Mom's going to sew it to that length soon. This one is only 240pesos.
from H&M (Dept. Store, Gaisano Mall in Davao, Philippines)

5. T h a i l a n d  E t h n i c  c l o t h  s h o u l d e r  b a g

I was going souvenir shopping for my friends. I didn't find anything for them, but I did find something for me. Such a cute bag! My mom got the same with a different design on it. And I was thinking, wow, it looks so Thailand-ish. They told me that it was from Thailand after all. It's pretty cool and comfortable, and nice to wear on a casual day. :) This one was originally 200pesos, but we bargained for 180. :)

from [made in] Thailand (Aldevinco Souvenir shop in Davao, Philippines)